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Pirate Bay’s First Server Goes on Display In File Sharing Museum Exhibit

Pirate Bay’s First Server Goes on Display In File Sharing Museum Exhibit

If you want to check out a little piece of internet history, plan a trip to Linköping, Sweden, where the first ever server used to host file sharing website The Pirate Bay, has now gone on display in the “50 years of file sharing” exhibition at the city’s Computer Museum.

It’s a pretty unimposing exhibit, with a simple PC case housing some of the internet’s most important and yet simplistic hardware. However this isn’t the very original case that it was built in. According to Pirate Bay founders, the initial case was made out of cardboard and propped up with rolls of packing tape.

Still, this little server deserves a place in the history of file sharing and to help commemorate it, the museum crafted a clear plastic side panel for the case which details the history and impact of the hardware. It reads (thanks TorrentFreak):

“Stockholm, in the year of 2004. In the home of Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, at his parent’s place, this ordinary computer is running day and night. With a special software and a standard broadband connection this machine was the beginning for one of the most loved, hated and debated phenomena in modern time ” the file-sharing site The Pirate Bay.”

“In less than ten years The Pirate Bay has become a contemporary historical phenomenon, due to its distinguished position in the file-sharing debate. The discussions that have sprung from this simple computer server concerns serious subjects as freedom of speech, global democracy and of course the sole existence of copyright.”

“Support groups and political parties have gathered around the now well-known banner of The Pirate Bay. Together they stand in the center of a cultural revolution. A revolution that begun in a dark grey metal box under a bed.”


Photo source: Marcin de Kaminski

The honorary placement of the server hardware is a fitting homage to the site, since The Pirate Bay turns 10 years old in September of this year. I wonder if there’s anything planned for the decade anniversary?

Still, the file sharing world held its breath a few days ago as TPB seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth. Fortunately it’s back now, but it did have people worried. This is all despite the fact that last year the founders took the site into the cloud with 17 + virtual servers, making it almost impossible for any authority to take it down.

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