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How to Download iPhone, iPad Apps for FREE (No Jailbreak Req)

How to Download iPhone, iPad Apps for FREE (No Jailbreak Req)

New China-based program Kuaiyong allows users to download and install Apple apps for FREE on their iPhone and iPad without jailbreaking.

While many are content to use their mobile iOS device as Apple intended, and pay for every single app that crosses their path, there are others that choose to jailbreak their iPhone or iPad so that they can download pirated apps and do with their device as they see fit.

Now Free, pirated apps have long been available for iPhone and iPad users, but installation normally requires that your jailbreak your device. A new China-based app called Kuaiyong bypasses the need for jailbreaking.

With Kuaiyong you can download just about any paid app for free to your iPhone or iPad WITHOUT jailbreaking.

It might sound to good to be true, but I’ve taken Kuaiyong for a test drive and it works just as promised.

Let’s take a look.

After you install the app (DOWNLOAD LINK) and open the app you’ll see (aside from the fact that it’s in Chinese) a search query box and various other menu items.

Notice that you can set your search query to look for either iPhone or iPad apps by toggling the box on the left-hand side.

To make it easy I went ahead an downloaded the WhatsApp Messenger app. It normally costs $0.99 in iTunes, but of course with Kuaiyong we can get it for free.

Double-click the red download button beneath the app icon to download the app.

Your app will then begin to download (select download tab, 2nd from upper right-hand side).

To install the app on your iPhone or iPad is simple: While still in the download screen, simply double-click the install button to the right-hand side of the app you wish to install as shown below. You’ll need to make sure your device is connected of course. Kuaiyong works as sort of an iTunes clone.

Now when you click your device tab on the top part of Kuaiyong (where it says “Jared’s iPhone in this case) you’ll notice that WhatsApp now appears in my list of installed apps.

The only downside is that its Windows only AND in Chinese. The developer promises an “English version [is] coming soon,” but there’s no ETA listed.

So why did the developers create Kuaiyong? You’d think it would be obvious – piracy pure and simple – but you’d be wrong. According to the developer it’s apparently because China-based users find iTunes “unfamiliar” and difficult to use.

“Statistics have shown that a significant amount of Apple users are Chinese based,” he writes. “However, the fact is that in China, a large number of Apple users are not very familiar with the iTunes system and how to effectively manage it.”

I find that argument a bit of a stretch, but either way Kuaiyong promises and delivers free apps to your iPhone and iPad without jailbreaking. Enough said.

Stay tuned.

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Download Kuaiyong

NOTE: No apps were harmed in the writing of this story; afterwards WhatsApp Messenger was purchased by yours truly.

Jared Moya
I've been interested in P2P since the early, high-flying days of Napster and KaZaA. I believe that analog copyright laws are ill-suited to the digital age, and that art and culture shouldn't be subject to the whims of international entertainment industry conglomerates. Twitter | Google Plus

When i search for something, nothing comes up... is it not connected or something?


Note that any apps installed via this will be deleted first time you sync using iTunes. Jailbreaking is the only way to have iTunes recognise pirated apps and leave them installed. Also, upgrading the software via iTunes or iCloud immediately deletes all pirated apps as well.


iTunes hasn't deleted my apps as of yet, and I've synced multiple times. It only mentions that there are purchased items that are not in iTunes, and you need to sync it to not erase them. If you don't sync it, then iTunes will erase them, so it says. Haven't tried yet with upgrading though since my software is up-to-date. Also, my device isn't jailbroken yet (still deciding if I want to do that).


Thanks for sharing this problem with the rest of us!

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