BeamItOver: Unlimited File-Sharing with Your Facebook Friends

BeamItOver: Unlimited File-Sharing with Your Facebook Friends

Desktop Facebook app allows users to share unlimited-sized files directly with with friends and family.

Despite increasing amounts of photos, videos, music, and documents one wants to share with family and friends there still has yet to be a convenient method for doing so.

Enter BeamItOver.

BeamItOver is the latest and greatest project from the BitTorrent Torque Labs, and it doesn’t disappoint.

“It has the same functionality as some other projects, but it has been designed from the ground up to bring the inherently social activity of sharing files to where the people are,” says the company in a blog post. “It’s a Facebook app that aims to make sharing your files as simple as sharing anything else.”

What BeamItOver does is allow users to finally share unlimited-sized files with friends and family right inside of Facebook. The desktop app makes it more convenient than ever before to share those family videos, photo albums, music, and data for which current methods can be exasperatingly difficult, especially when dealing with those that are less than tech-savvy.

The hope is that BeamItOver will encourage people to “embrace the meshing of your social activity with your file downloads.”

“In the age of smart phones generating incredible amounts of data, and >1GB GoPro videos flying around, we really need a good way to share this stuff with our friends and family,” adds BitTorrent Inc.

So how do you get it up and running?

1. Install the Torque plugin by visiting the Facebook app site.

2. Revisit the same BeamItOver app page and choose what files you want to share.

3. Add recipients and a personalized message.

It’s that easy, and remember you can always find BeamItOver under the “Apps” section of the “Home” tab.

What do you think? Is BeamItOver something you’ll use?

Stay tuned.

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