QuikIO: Stream, Download, and Share Your Desktop Pics, Music, and Videos to iPhones

QuikIO: Stream, Download, and Share Your Desktop Pics, Music, and Videos to iPhones

New app allows users to stream or download music, videos, pictures, and more from their home computer to their iPhone or share them with family and friends on the go; send content to your iPhone like you would an SMS message.

Last month I reviewed a FREE (for now) new app called QuikIO that allows users to stream or download music, videos, pictures, and more from their home computer to their iPad, and now the developers have just a released a new version for iPhones that makes it even easier than ever to access content from home on your mobile device.

“QuikIO is changing how consumers access and share their personal content by empowering mobile device users with the ability to instantly access, download or share their media files on their computers through network connections — whether by Wi-Fi from home, a hotspot or over 3G/4G,” say the developers in a press release.

Just like the iPad version, Quik.io for the iPhone (and iPod touch) allows users to access the contents of your desktop or laptop Mac or PC on the go! You can retrieve your favorite pics, videos, music, and more on your iPhone whether it’s from just across the living room or halfway around the world.

“In response to the high demand by QuikIO fans and rave reviews of QuikIO HD for iPad, we are introducing QuikIO for iPhone owners as well,” noted Michael Chen, QuikIO CEO and co-founder. “QuikIO for the iPhone increases portability and ease for mobile users to access and share their media content and files, anywhere, anytime. QuikIO is the first iOS app to let you to share and play your HD video within 5 seconds!”

You can even share those same pics, videos, music, and more with family and friends, making it easier than ever before to share pics from a recent trip, or video of an important wedding or birthday they were unable to attend.

And the best part is that when it comes to media conversion for playback on your iPhone you don’t have to worry about it – Quik.io employs AUTOMATIC media conversion so all you have to do is select what you want to watch and press play!

“QuikIO’s QuikSend to share and wireless media Download, differentiate it from other media content utilities in the market.  Before QuikIO, iPhone and iPad users were imposed with lots of restrictions and complexity such as various home sharing limits, scarce file format support, and sync to one computer per iPhone or iPad. Now with QuikIO, sharing and downloading media content to any iPhone or iPad is an extremely simple process – just like sending an SMS message on your mobile phone,” added Mr. Chen.

Features include:

  • Highest quality video — Achieved by minimizing the video transcoding required for streaming and taking into account the compressed video/audio format, iPad/iPhone model, and local/remote access.
  • Best CPU utilization â€” As well as minimizing video transcoding, QuikIO takes advantage of the GPU (graphics processing unit), to significantly reduce the CPU load. Other apps always use CPU, thus reducing computer performance while streaming and having trouble when transcoding HD video to 720P or above.
  • Seamless remote access — No need to configure routers (port forwarding, UPnP) or use remote access codes. With QuikIO, all QuikIO computers and iOS devices are part of a large virtual private network. Media traffic is efficiently and securely routed in a peer-to-peer network similar to Skype.
  • Easy-to-use user interface — Just press and play with all media content displayed in gallery view.

Right now, during the initial launch phase, QuikIO will be available for free for a limited time after which the price will rise to $.99 for the iPhone and iPod touch, and $1.99 for the iPad and iPad Mini versions.

The company also hints that support for Apple TV and other devices is in the works, but there’s no mention of a release date at this time.

Stay tuned.

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