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Soundrop Introduces New SDK So Users Can Create Their Own Music App

Soundrop Introduces New SDK So Users Can Create Their Own Music App

Soundrop has implemented a new SKD that allows users to create their own Spotify-Soundrop powered music app.

Soundrop, the popular Spotify app that allows users to create rooms to their streamed playlist with friends, has announced a new Software Development Kit (SDK) that will allow others to create their own Soundrop-Spotify powered music apps. It’s off to a great start with French DJ David Guetta releasing his own app PlayGuetta.

soundropSoundrop App Play Guetta

The SKD includes all the APIs and Javascripts libraries that incorporate features like track voting, playlist management, real-time chat and access to tracks that are trending within the app. Releasing the SKD is just the first step in to make Soundrop its own social music service app by bringing in third parties to share and distribute their playlists. Eventually Soundrop aims to create other platforms independent of Spotify as well as services to create video playlists. The Soundrop platform is built on Erlang due to ease of scaling. Currently there are 340 million tracks played through its services.

Soundrop SDK is a great way for musicians and publishers can use the platform to create their own standalone apps. PlayGuetta is a fairly obvious case for the uses of Soundrop but is an excellent example of what streaming music apps can deliver. The app does an excellent job gathering fan communities, creating an immersive experience and connecting fans to the artist through archives. Ultimately, this could be used as a marketing tool by other businesses who wish to create a “music experience” for their targeted audience or for businesses looking for different ways to interact with customers.

Soundrop’s SKD release comes as Spotify is looking to improve discovery and interactivity on its own platform. Currently, Spotify has plans to release a web-based browser version and announce the inclusion of  “influencer” playlists on the service, which can be followed.

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