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KokoChé App Offers New Deals in Los Angeles

KokoChé App Offers New Deals in Los Angeles

The New KokoChé app allows L.A. users to find local deals based on their preferred filters and bridges the gap for communities ignored by larger deal sites.

Sites like Living Social have become progressively more popular as people everywhere are looking for ways to save money and explore new activities. With such fierce competition, newer deal sites and apps are focusing on particular niche areas. KokoChé, home-brewed out in East L.A., focuses on apps ignored by larger deals sites, specifically cash-centric small business. The app is currently available in beta for Android and plans to release for iOS in December.


On the user end, the app allows for a filtering by category, location, proximity and cost. Depending on their location, users can also enter in options such as “I’m bored”  and receive notifications of deals near them by text message or push notifications on the app. Users can find deals by using specific terms like “boba tea”.

On the business end, owners have complete control over their deals. Their dashboard allows the business owners to choose what days, price, times and number of sales associated with a particular deal. While business owners will have to pay a monthly fee to utilize the service, KokoChé does not charge a sales commission. This allows these small businesses to keep all of the profit made from their deals.

KokoChé founder Munir Jawed and CMO Adam Diaz decided to focus on these communities because many, especially Latino and Asian communities, businesses revolve around cash. Many of these small business owners may not have the money, technological know-how and presence to be featured on larger sites such as Groupon. Aside from training the business owners on how to use KokoChé, Jawed and Diaz also have translated the app to Spanish and Korean for greater accessibility.

The app can only be used in Los Angeles, however with the cash economy making up about a third of the purchases in the US, it seems safe to say that there’s potential for expansion.

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