Add to Chrome Stream, Download, and Share Your Desktop Pics, Music, and Videos to iPads Stream, Download, and Share Your Desktop Pics, Music, and Videos to iPads

New app allows users to stream or download music, videos, pictures, and more from their home computer to their iPad or even share them with family and friends.

I get asked to review iOS apps all the time, and yet rarely are they life-alteringly useful as is I was fortunate enough to win an iPad 3 a few weeks back (thanks again 94.9!), and the challenge is always determining what content I can fit and sort into it’s rather limited (by computer standards) HDD storage space. is a new app that ends all of the perpetual huss and fuss by allowing you to access the contents of your desktop or laptop computer on the go! You can retrieve your favorite pics, videos, music, and more on your iPad whether it’s from just across the living room or halfway around the world.

You can simply stream files, download them, or even share them with family and friends.


I used the app last night and became an instant fan. I envision being able to access my desktop PC at home and the contents of my 3TB HDDs, and likewise being able to share that content with a buddy or sibling.

“In addition to streaming video, the app is aiming to help consumers to instant ‘stream’, ‘download’ their media contents on their computer,” says founder, Michael Chen, in an email exchange. “Also, we provide users capability to share their media contents to any iPad owned by their friends and family members.”

Stream or download your music…

Stream or download your videos…

Stream or download your pictures…

Stream or download your documents…


It could also be a great way to share home videos with family members over the holidays or vacation videos with buddies over cocktails.

Better still? No no more headaches with having to convert media files to a proper format for viewing on the iPad. does it for you. All you have to do is click, wait, and enjoy.

“We embedded lots of intelligence on network connectivity and video/audio technology such that consumers do not have to manually convert their video files or set up their network router,” adds Chen. “Everything is done automatically for them. They can access their own media collection from home network, or remotely from 3G/4G or hotspot as long as they keep their computer on. ” is simple to use, requiring only the installation of an app on your Mac or PC and then on your iPad. It takes but a minute or two at the most.

Oh, and did I mention is free?

Stay tuned.

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Download (desktop)

Download (iTunes)

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