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Dotcom’s Mega Resurfaces in New Zealand

Dotcom’s Mega Resurfaces in New Zealand

Mega, the sequel to Megaupload that recently seemed like its future was in jeopardy, has now resurfaced with a New Zealand domain name: Despite the original site getting hit by hackers and local government as soon as it launched, this new one has stayed online for 24 hours so perhaps its more secure.

As it stands, the new site only holds a big “Mega” button and some text. When you hover over the button it switches to some text that reads: “On January 19th, this button will change the world.” Presumably letting us know when this service intends to launch, but that all depends on whether hackers take another swipe at Mega, or whether the current legal opposition of Mr Dotcom decides that setting up a site similar to the original Megaupload could cause problems for his trial.

Mega logo

Mega: Stronger and safer. Let’s hope the new domain is too.

The new site also appears to be on the outlook for partners. Along the base of the site are a few messages that pop up from the floor. Hosting partners are wanted, with several stipulations listed.

  • You need to be able to offer servers, “The more the better.”
  • Drive replacements have to handled in a timely manner
  • Decent internet connectivity

The information also offers advertising space in return for services rendered. “Make us an offer.”

If you want to get early API access to Mega, you can sign up for that too, though no word on if/when you’ll receive a reply and what the stipulations for acceptance are. However presumably Dotcom and his team won’t be too selective, since the site says that they, “hope to see a thriving ecosystem of crypto-enabled third-party client apps,” show up soon after Mega launches.

The final tab is for potential investors. “We have raised sufficient funds to cover the launch,” it says, “but we would like to provide Mega free of charge for as long as possible.” Perhaps this suggests that while Mega will be free for launch it won’t be forever?

Either way, we’ll have to wait until early next year to find out the ultimate fate of Mega, but it’ll be interesting to see if it survives that long. Mega, like its owner is besieged on all sides by authorities, hackers and a public that is teetering on whether to consider the larger than life personality a cult hero, or someone that’s no better than the corporations that have gone after him.

Where do you guys stand with Dotcom?

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