Mega File-Share Created by Megaupload Founder

Mega File-Share Created by Megaupload Founder

Megaupload founder creates new file-share service called Mega that will allow users to upload encrypted files to the cloud storage service.

Kim Dotcom has certainly been facing a lot of grief for his previous site Megaupload. In fact, earlier this year Dotcom’s house was raided and he served some time in jail. Even after all of the legal repercussions, Dotcom announced┬áthat he was planning to create a new site that would offer one-click encryption. Enter Mega, the new file-sharing service from Dotcom.

The basic mechanic of Mega will be similar to its predecessor Megaupload. Users will upload their files to an cloud storage service which will allow other Mega users to download these files to their computer. There is one major difference however and that is added security for Dotcom and the users.

When the FBI raided Megaupload’s servers, they also seized all the users’ files. In order to avoid the same issue, Mega will host all of the data on two sets of redundant servers in two different countries. If one server happens to go down, the files will still be available on another servier. Eventually, Dotcom plans to have a network hosted by thousands of different entities on thousands of different servers around the world.

Aside from additional servers, Mega will also offer the new feature of one-touch encryption. All files uploaded to the servers will first be encrypted and anyone that downloads will receive a unique key for decryption purposes. Mega, therefore, will not be responsible for any of the content uploaded by users since they will not be able to view any of the uploaded files.

There is certainly controversy surrounding Mega. Many critics view the service as a revamped Megaupload that will eventually face the same legal issues. It’s hard to know what exactly will happen to Dotcom’s new service but we can only hope Dotcom’s precautions will keep the law from shutting it down.


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