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Chrome and Firefox Extension Privacyfix Protects Your Data on Facebook, Google and Over 1,000 Sites

Chrome and Firefox Extension Privacyfix Protects Your Data on Facebook, Google and Over 1,000 Sites

We’re all internet-savvy enough by now (we’d hope) to know better than to go sharing personal information on Facebook, Google + and other social networking avenues. If you’re keen on shielding your online footprint from advertisers and websites, you might have also taken steps to block your online activity from prying eyes.

Sometimes, though, we might not be aware whether we need to do that, and how to do it.

Enter Privacyfix.

This handy extension for Chrome and Firefox covers over 1,000 websites. It will walk you through exactly what you need to do to stop advertisers getting their promotional paws on your surfing habits and will also alert you when you might be inadvertently passing information to third parties because your social networking contacts’ settings aren’t up to scratch.

Using Privacyfix, you can stop big-name sites like Google, Facebook and Bing collecting your personal data, as well as hundreds of smaller sites. The settings you need to address to stop sites collecting data aren’t always clear, but Privacyfix shows you everything you need to know in a helpful dashboard. It gives you more control over your personal information and enables you to make an informed decision about what you want to share with websites, and what you’d like to keep private.

The Solution

“Default privacy settings on sites like Facebook are revenue- driven, not privacy-driven,” said Privacyfix founder Jim Brock. “Privacyfix puts you back in control of your data… The data collection industry sees easier privacy controls as a threat to its existence, so initiatives like Do-Not-Track have seen fierce opposition. Our biggest risk is that Facebook and Google will interfere technically with how Privacyfix operates. But that’s a battle we’d love to fight.”

As well as showing you where your privacy could use a brush-up on each website, Privacyfix will change them for you. All you have to do is click the “Fix” button, and you can get rid of pesky targeted advertising and keep your private information private.

The extension also alerts you when sites you’ve just joined want to use cookies to track what you’re doing. If Privacyfix can’t stop the site tracking you, it will send automatic messages to the site.

Let’s be clear, advertisers don’t steal personal information and you’re not in danger of identity theft or anything of that magnitude: what Privacyfix protects against is advertisers tracking your online activities in order to make revenue off you. It’s especially useful for sites like Facebook, who change their data and privacy practices and policies more often than you or I take a bath, and in case these sites have a privacy breach.

Privacyfix is very explicit about the fact that they don’t collect any of your data themselves, nor do they even know who you are. Whether you’re genuinely concerned about your privacy settings, or simply interested to see how much various websites are tracking your online activities, Privacyfix will give you the low-down, and the option to fix it.

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