Contracts of the future: New App HelloSign Introduces Digital Signatures

Contracts of the future: New App HelloSign Introduces Digital Signatures

Sign digital contracts instantly and for free with a new web and mobile app.

In a world that’s turning digital, a few tasks are proving difficult to successfully move from paper to electronic. Thanks to digital trailblazers HelloFax, one of those tasks just got a whole lot simpler.

You know the scenario: you get a new work contract/lease/car etc. The other person involved in the transaction emails you the papers and asks you email them back with your personal signature. You go to print out the documents to sign them and discover you have no printer paper. Half an hour later, paper in hand, you procure the document and sign it. Suddenly, your computer is failing to recognize your scanner. You try every fix you can think of, none of them work (if there’s a deadline involved, at this point it’s usually looming).

“Why hasn’t someone found a way to do this digitally?” you shout at no one in particular.

Well, now they have.

HelloSign is a new service from HelloFax (no prizes for guessing what other paper-based communication the company previously digitized). Using HelloSign, you can sign and securely return documents online or from the HelloSign iPhone app. No printing or scanning involved.

HelloSign’s manifesto is simple: “Everyone, everywhere should use digital signatures. And, they should be free.”

Joseph Walla, CEO of HelloFax, explained to Mashable that the company’s original service was designed with the aim of building a paperless office, and revealed a gap in the market: “Everyone has to sign documents, and it’s done in a really poor way right now, which is what we’re trying to fix. What we found out is that the only reason people fax things is that the vast majority of these documents are being signed.”

Digital signing has been legally recognized for the last 12 years in the US, however many people still rely on faxes, scans, pen and paper to complete the process. Walla hopes that the new service will make life a lot easier for both individuals and businesses: “What we’ve found is a lot of people joined us for faxing, and now they’ve converted to electronic signatures. We have a lot users who were fax users and now they don’t fax at all.”

HelloSign aren’t the first company to provide a digital signing service, but they are one of the only providers to do so for free. This makes the service completely flexible and open to anyone, whether they want to sign a one-off personal contract, or use the app for all their business needs.

Not only does HelloSign prevent wastefulness and the inevitable piles of paper clutter that result from contracts, but it also enables users to sign and return documents instantly, reducing the delays people usually experience with such agreements. The only documents the service can’t handle are those that require a notary.

New users can sign up for a HelloSign online account now, and get the app for free from the App Store.

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