Kim Dotcom Opens Megaupload API To developers

Kim Dotcom Opens Megaupload API To developers

Legally embattled owner of, Kim Dotcom, has just announced on his official twitter account, that the re-release of the hugely popular file locker site is offering developers early API access; all you have to do is message him.

Mr Dotcom called out certain application developers as being particularly important in MegaUpload’s future. Specifically he’s looking for those that develop “up/download and file managers, email and fax tools, VOIP and video apps.” This suggests a much more feature filled MegaUpload than we saw before it was shut down earlier this year.

Apparently the API will offer developers “incredibly powers” and between it and the developed “Mega Tools” Dotcom believes it will change the world.

Despite these lofty claims however, we haven’t seen much in the way of concrete features. However, Dotcom did let slip in an earlier tweet about some of the privacy features. “The new Meg will offer one-click-encryption” of all data transfers, suggesting higher levels of privacy than before. “Total privacy” as Dotcom calls it. Free of charge too, apparently.

Dotcom in more relaxed times.

Not much has been said about it in recent weeks, but Dotcom also previously hinted at a new music focused service called Megabox. It’s been said that it will act as a new distribution platform for musicians, where they can sell tracks directly to consumers. The kicker is, that they’ll get to keep 90 per cent of the sale price, compared with 60-70 per cent on iTunes.

It’s not clear when Megabox will be released, as it’s not had as much press as Megaupload’s relaunch, of Dotcom’s┬áburgeoning┬ámusic career, but it’s certainly being watched closely.

Arrested earlier this year for money laundering, copyright infringement and many, many more contested charges, Dotcom had his assets seized, including the data of millions of MegaUpload users and his websites shut down. Since then he’s been battling in New Zealand courts to stay in the country for his trial, instead of being extradited to the US – where federal authorities are keen to get their hands on him. He also recently won a preliminary hearing to allow his defence to gain access to all data on his arrest and all evidence against him.

It’s thought likely that when that information comes to light in early 2013, lots of interesting facts will be made public. We’ve already seen footage of the original raid on Dotcom’s property, which is thought at this point to have been carried out with invalid search warrants and with force far exceeding that necessary to arrest, someone that is essentially, a chubby nerd.