7 Tips to Improve your iPhone’s Battery Life

7 Tips to Improve your iPhone’s Battery Life

A list of quick-fix ways to improve your iPhone’s battery life on the spot.

The iPhone has a notoriously short battery life, even in perfect conditions. If you find yourself in a situation without a way to charge up, you could run into problems quickly. The good news is that the iPhone’s short battery life is mostly caused by its extra features. By turning these off, you can still use the basic calling and texting functions, and significantly improve the battery’s longevity. Whether you’re on the road, or stuck in an emergency, here are several tips that will improve your iPhone’s battery life when you need it the most.

Keep it cool
The warmer your iPhone, the quicker the battery will run down. If you’re using your phone in a hot climate, try to keep it out of the sun, out of hot bags, and definitely don’t leave it in your car. Depending on the type of case you have, this could also contribute to the phone’s core temperature. Either invest in a thin case, or remove the case entirely if the outside temperature rises.

Turn off 3G and Bluetooth

3G and Bluetooth are both useful features, but they will run down your iPhone’s battery quicker. To extend your device’s battery life, turn these options off in “Settings”. You can re-activate them if you need them, but keeping them on 24/7 will reduce the amount of time your phone stays charged.

For maximum battery life, you could also consider turning off the “Wifi” setting. When this setting is activated, your phone is constantly scanning for a wifi signal, which – you guessed it – uses up more battery. Preserve your battery life by only using this feature when you know your phone is in range of a wifi signal you want to use.

Turn of notifications

This includes all kinds of notifications: “push” notifications, app notifications, and email fetching. All of these require more battery juice, so if you want your iPhone to last for longer, turn them off. You can still get updates by logging on to the various apps, but you won’t receive them automatically. To turn off notifications, tap “Settings” then edit the settings for each individual app.

Under “Settings”, tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”, then “Fetch New Data”. Under “Fetch”, change your setting to “manually”. This means your phone will only contact your mail server for new data when you ask it to, rather than on a regular basis.

Turn off location services

GPS tracking takes up a lot of battery. If you use location services for maps, or apps like Facebook and Twitter, your phone will use up more battery life. Like the other features here, this doesn’t mean you can never use your iPhone’s map – just keep location services turned off until you need to use a feature that requires this setting to be activated again.

To turn off location services, tap “Settings” then “Location Services”. Change the top slider marked “Location Services” to “Off”. This will automatically disable the feature for all apps.

Don’t use heavy data apps

Unfortunately, this includes most ‘fun’ apps. Music, games, and streaming apps all count as heavy data apps, and will sap your battery with impressive speed. If you really need to preserve your iPhone’s battery life, restrain yourself and wait until you’re in a more charger-friendly location before checking YouTube or playing a game of Temple Run.

Dim the screen

Just like a laptop, your iPhone’s screen brightness impacts how long your battery lasts. The brighter the screen, the more juice you use. To change your screen brightness settings to battery-friendly levels, go to “Settings” and tap “Brightness”. Turn off Auto-Brightness, and reduce the manual brightness slide as much as you can.

Change your auto-lock settings

The quicker your iPhone auto-locks when it’s not in use, the less time the screen will stay active, and the more battery you will save. To change your auto-lock settings, tap “Settings”, “General”, then “Auto-Lock”. Change the setting to “1 minute” or the shortest time available.


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