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iLostFinder: Stolen iPhone,iPad App Will Email You Pics of Thief

iLostFinder: Stolen iPhone,iPad App Will Email You Pics of Thief

Tweak for jailbroken iPhones and iPads will take a photo if wrong passcode given and email it to you so you can retrieve your stolen iPhone or iPad.

I covered many an essential Cydia tweak for jailbroken iPhones and iPads (easy-to-follow jailbreaking guide here), and iLostFinder is no different. ILostFinder is is an essential app for iOS device users that functions as “anti-theft lost finder” necessary to help you retrieve your stolen iPhone or iPad from thieves.

What iLostFinder does is take a photo of  the face of the person who enters the wrong passcode a predetermined number of times, and emails it to you so you can either identify the individual outright (perhaps it is family member or friend?), or pass it along to the police to help with their investigation.

“Setup a Passcode for your iPhone and Install iLostFinder it,” says the apps developers. “When the thief trys to unlock your iPhone with a wrong Passcode, iLostFinder will take a photo of his face and send the photo to your Email. ILostFinder can also display a message telling the one who got your device to return it to you.”

You can also display a custom message instructing the person to “please return the phone ” (or iPad) by calling an alternative phone number, emailing you, or delivering to a physical address.

S0 how do you get it to work?

1. Open the Cydia store app on your jailbroken iOS device (jailbreak guide here) and search for “iLostFinder.”

2. Install and follow the prompt to restart your Springboard.

3. Navigate to > Settings > iLostFinder and choose your configurations like taking and sending a photo by email, displaying a custom alert message, and number of allowable failed passcode attempts.

4. Go to Settings > General-Passcode Lock and set a passcode if you don’t have one configured already.

As the developers note, “With iLostFinder installed on the iPhone or iPad, you can win a chance to get it back when it is lost or stolen.”

What more can you ask for? And best of all iLostFinder is free!

Stay tuned.

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Jared Moya
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