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Stereomood: App for Android, iPhone Plays Music to Match Your Mood

Stereomood: App for Android, iPhone Plays Music to Match Your Mood

Stereomood app turns your “mood into music on the go,” choosing a playlist that best suits the way you’re feeling.

Stereomood is a great streaming music app for Android and iPhone that plays music that matches the mood you’re in. It turns your “mood into music on the go.”

“Feeling happy, sad, dreamy or lost in Jamaica?” ask the app’s developers. “With the click of a button you’ll have a ready-made playlist for every time in your life: choose your mood from our stereotags, listen, discover new music, tag and share your emotions in music.”

The app is a mobile version of the full Stereomood site, one of a number of excellent free music streaming services out there, providing hundreds of mood-based playlists that pool together what it believes are the best independent music from artist submission and popular music blogs. Each playlist is generated from tags and users’ preferences and changes every day.

You can help build the community by tagging each song by mood or create new playlists, helping to build the “coolest community of emotional-based music.”

Other features include:

  • download and listen for free
  • listen to over 100 mood playlists
  • share your mood and your favorite tracks on Facebook and Twitter
  • tag the songs by mood, helping us to build the mood based playlists
  • discover new artists through your mood
  • discover your emotional profile
  • send us your photo, we’ll bring your photo to life, every week

Example playlists include moods like Gangsta, Doing Laundry, Chillout, Road Trip, Sitting on the Toilet, Sunday Morning, Relax, Beach Party, Workout, and Night Drive.

Steremood is also free.

Stay tuned.

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 Stereomood for Android | Stereomood for iOS

Jared Moya
I've been interested in P2P since the early, high-flying days of Napster and KaZaA. I believe that analog copyright laws are ill-suited to the digital age, and that art and culture shouldn't be subject to the whims of international entertainment industry conglomerates. Twitter | Google Plus

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