9 Apps for Green Living

9 Apps for Green Living

A list of apps that help you save cash, and the environment too.

Whether you agree with global warming theory or not, living ‘green’ can help you save money and boost your feelings of virtuosity. The list of apps for green living below covers everything, from the least chemical-covered vegetables, to carpooling, and green news resources. Even better, most of them are free.


Dirty Dozen – Free

Many people believe that eating a diet filled with fruits and vegetables is the venus factor health, and they’re not far wrong. When pesticides get involved, however, any health benefits are counteracted by the harmful effects of chemicals. Dirty Dozen rates the food in your weekly grocer store run according to how many pesticides they usually contain. The app tells you which foods to avoid, and which to embrace so you can enjoy your food chemical free.

GoodGuide – Free

GoodGuide is a green shopping companion that tells you which products are safe, healthy and socially responsible to buy. The app contains ratings for over 170,000 products and is designed to help you choose products that live up to your values. You can customize rating criteria according to what is important to you, and category choices include nutritional value, animal welfare and energy efficiency.

EcoChallenge – Free

The EcoChallenge app educates users through games. With friends and family, you can take part in ‘challenges’ that are designed to raise your awareness of green issues and teach you how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.



greenMeter – $5.99

greenMeter measures your vehicle’s energy efficiency by evaluating your driving habits and fuel usage. The app provides feedback on your fuel efficiency and helps you reduce fuel costs and increase your car’s energy efficiency. Outside the vehicle, the app is also an educational tool. You can view the effect of acceleration, aerodynamic drag and resistance on your speed and your fuel consumption, so that you can calculate the optimal cruising speed for your vehicle.

Carticipate – Free

Carticipate is a social app that enables you to contact others interested in carpooling, and helps you coordinate plans with family, friends and co-workers. Simply say where you are going, and at what time, and the app matches you with other local carticipate users in your area.

Pollution – Free

Pollution gives you up-to-date information about the levels of air pollution in your local area. Measuring electromagnetic pollution, air pollution, water pollution and pollution and emissions to soil, the data provides real-time information for 1,380 cities around the world. You can view a map with visualizations of the pollution sources, and view pollution summaries for selected destinations.


TreeHugger – Free

TreeHugger is a major news outlet for environmental and sustainability news. With current stories, product recommendations and tips and tricks over a broad range of categories, TreeHugger can help you live a greener life. TreeHugger users can enjoy written articles and podcasts directly from the app.

Skeptical Science – Free

Skeptical Science is another news source that provides peer-reviewed research and information on global warming. Helping readers to separate fact from fiction, Skeptical Science allows you to learn more about global warming from a scientific angle. You can also use the app to report statements you hear about global warming so the app developers can keep track of which arguments are the most popular, and provide readers with more information about the hard evidence.

Green Genie – $0.99

Green Genie helps you live a more sustainable lifestyle, and hopefully saves you money in the process. The app contains hundreds of tips and projects than can help you use products and energy more efficiently, while reducing the amount you spend on your household bills and other outgoings.

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