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SoundCloud Downloader Lets You Download Any Soundcloud Song

SoundCloud Downloader Lets You Download Any Soundcloud Song

SoundCloud Downloader adds a download link to all Soundcloud songs so that you can download any song you want.

SoundCloud Downloader is a handy userscript that adds a download link to any and all songs on Soundcloud. Easy to install, the userscript embeds a conveniently located option right in the song’s toolbar that allows you to download any song on the site without restrictions.

A while back I wrote a guide apropos to this titled “How to Download Music From SoundCloud” that detailed two different means to download music from SoundCloud: and JDownloader. Both of these methods require either software installation, as is the case for the latter, or visiting a third-party site, as is the case with the former.

SoundCloud Downloader is an easy-to-install userscript that quietly runs in the background and never needs to be opened, adjusted, or configured. It just works.

So how do you set it up? It’s easy.

With Google Chrome all you have to do is select the “Install” button and approve it being added to your browser when prompted.

If you’re using Mozilla Firefox you first need to install the Greasemoneky plugin, and then select the “Install button.” Be sure to approve script installation when prompted.

That’s it. Now you can download and enjoy any song you see on SoundCloud despite any restrictions that an artist might place on it.

Before SoundCloud Downloader…

…and after SoundCloud Downloader.

Happy MP3 hunting!

Stay tuned.

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