OneClick Chrome Extension Eliminates Need for BitTorrent Client

OneClick Chrome Extension Eliminates Need for BitTorrent Client

OneClick Chrome extension downloads BitTorrent files in your browser, and eliminates need for a standalone BitTorrent client.

The OneClick Chrome extension is a new product out of BitTorrent’s Torque Labs that allows you to download BitTorrent files right from within your Google Chrome browser. With OneClick Chrome extension you download the contents of a BitTorrent the same way you would any other file, but without using a standalone BitTorrent client like uTorrent.

“OneClick offers a browser torrent downloading experience that mimics normal downloads,” say the extension’s developers. “No need for a torrent client to manage your downloads, just download, open and enjoy.”

OneClick is just part of what BitTorrent Inc. hopes will be a whole new era of third-party developers utilizing the power of the BitTorrent protocol to share or stream content with family, friends, and others.

“BitTorrent Torque is a JavaScript interface to a custom torrent client that exposes all the power of BitTorrent to web developers,” writes BitTorrent Inc. in a blog post announcing the new effort. “Simply put, it allows anyone to utilize our powerful technology to create completely fresh and new experiences for users with just a couple lines of code.

The OneClick Chrome extension is easy to use and requires no setup, just installation. Once you’ve installed it, everything is automated: simply click on a torrent file and the actual files will begin downloading right in your browser. BitTorrent Inc. has posted a Counting Crows torrent  for users to test out the extension, and the process ran about as smoothly as can be.

I tested out several other torrents with mixed results, but all in all it’s a welcome development. The only downside, as opposed to a standard BitTorrent client, is the inability to customize download and upload speeds. Either way, it’s nice to have more downloading options available.

“Torque is another step towards our commitment to empowering both developers and users,” adds the company. “We strongly believe in this technology and the impact it can have.  Torque Labs is part of our ongoing commitment to maintain an open conversation between our developers and our developer community.  We are confident that together we can create some really kick-ass applications.”

OneClick Chrome extension is just one of many new, and exciting ideas that the company plans for the future of the BitTorrent protocol.

Stay tuned.

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