10 Must-Have Summer iPhone Apps

10 Must-Have Summer iPhone Apps

A list of summer iPhone apps to help you enjoy the sun, play hard, and travel in style.

Summer is officially here, and it’s time to make the most of it. Whether you’re staying at home, going abroad, or looking for adventures somewhere in between, this list of summer iPhone apps that will help you make the most of the next few months.



UV Safe Timer – Free

The UV Safe Timer app uses your local weather conditions to alert you when you need to reapply sunscreen. The app can adjust for real-time weather, like cloud, and you can create custom profiles based on your skin type, your activities, and the brand of sunscreen you use to produce more accurate notifications.

Weatherbug Elite – $1.99

Weatherbug Elite provides real-time world-wide weather updates. With interactive maps, a storm tracking system, and the ability to share weather reports with friends and family, Weatherbug Elite gives you an accurate forecast, wherever you are in the world.



Packing Pro – $2.99

This summer, it’s time to get organized and take what you need on vacation, while leaving what you don’t need at home. Packing Pro helps you create customized packing lists, so you can keep track of what ‘s in your suitcase and save packing templates for future trips. With hundreds of pre-saved items, you can create new lists quickly, with minimal typing.

Hipmunk – Free

Hipmunk is a smart flight-finding app. While most flight comparison websites and apps might rank tickets by price, Hipmunk ranks them by ‘agony’, including considerations like the duration of the journey, and the number of stops. You can also use the app to find hotels, and the ‘heatmap’ feature helps you find hotels that are close to restaurants, landmarks and nightlife.

Hotel Tonight – Free

For the less organized, or simply unlucky, traveller, Hotel Tonight enables you to search for same-day vacancies in a certain location, often with up to 70% off the normal rate. The app supports most major US cities and airports, as well as Vacouver, Toronto and London. Make bookings up to 2AM for the same night directly through the app.


timeRAZOR – Free

timeRAZOR gives you details of fun events and activities that are happening in your local area. Whether you’re planning ahead, or looking for something to do last-minute, the app enables you to search by area, date, and look for events happening near existing calendar appointments.

Park Guides – Free

Providing a comprehensive guide to 50 National Parks, the Park Guides app is the perfect companion to a camping trip. With information about park opening times, directions and reservations, as well as the flora and fauna you can expect to find in each location, the guide is designed for novice and expert wildlife-spotters.


Eat and Drink

Epicurious – Free

Epicurious contains over 30,000 recipes covering a variety of courses, occasions and diets. Using the app, you can find recipes, sync your favorites with your epicurious.com account, and create shopping lists. You can also find out what others have to say about certain dishes with the app’s review feature.

Pocket Cocktails – $0.99

Pocket Cocktails is a compendium of detailed cocktail recipes, directions and pictures. With over 500 cocktails and ‘mocktails’ as well as holiday-themed drinks, this app is sure to contain something for everyone.

Lunchbox – Free

Lunchbox helps you discover the best places to eat and drink in your local area. Advertised as “Pinterest for food”, the app provides suggestions for local cafes, restaurants and bars based on previous customers’ recommendations and pictures. You can also access user reviews from FourSquare and Yelp to check out the quality before you go.

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