Top 10 Strange iPhone Accessories

Top 10 Strange iPhone Accessories

A list of strange iPhone accessories that will turn heads.

With over 50% of US cell phone users owning smartphones, it’s no surprise that the Apple iPhone accessory market has boomed. For every iPhone accessory that is useful, stylish and tasteful, however, there are those which are strange, borderline redundant, and unavoidably distasteful. We take a look at the top 10 strange iPhone accessories available online.



Scented Cell Phone Skins – $19.99

Protect your iPhone and give it a unique fragrance with perfumed protective films from Onguard. Available in apple, strawberry, lemon and chocolate flavors, the sales description promises a “mood lifting experience for the user”.

Brick Cell Phone Case – $20

If you look back on 80’s-style cell phones with nostalgia, and are dismayed by how sleek, light-weight, and user-friendly their modern counterparts are, the Brick Cell Phone Case from Urban Outfitters will help you relive those heady days. Available in one color – black, of course – this case will turn even your iPhone into a retro monstrosity.

Bottle Opener Case – $19.95

The Bottle Opener Case is one of the more useful items on this list, as it consists of a soft iPhone case with a bottle opener attachment. While this is useful for those moments when you’re caught short, beer in hand, it does raise the question of how well liquids and iPhones mix.

Hand Case – $64

The Hand Case from Japanese website Strapya is a strong contender for the ‘most disturbing case available’ prize. Choose from a child’s or lady’s hand for the ultimate iPhone accessory that will draw attention for all the wrong reasons. When not using your iPhone, the case functions as a stationery or glasses holder, or as a hand to hold if you get lonely. Because that won’t look weird at all.



Steering Wheel – $9.99

The Steering Wheel makes iPhone racing games more realistic. If shifting your iPhone from side to side doesn’t feel authentic enough, this iPhone stand will help you live out your most action-packed boy racer fantasies. You can use the steering wheel with driving, motor cycle or jet ski games.

Vintage Books Dock – from $48

Hide unsightly iPhone cables with this charging dock made from a vintage book. When not in use, this stand sits on your worktop, adding some culture to your office, and prevents the cables dropping behind your desk.


Speakers and handsets

Dancing Animal Speakers – $56

Add extra cute factor to your music sessions with these dancing animal speakers. Choose from a lion, panda, teddy bear or dog, plug the speaker into your iPhone’s headphone jack and watch your animal groove. When not in use, these speakers look like a regular soft toy, however plug them in, or activate microphone mode, and they will get down to music, the sound of your voice, or even a movie or TV show soundtrack.

Retro Handset – $18.89

This Retro POP handset from Moshi Moshi gives you the experience of using a real phone handset with your iPhone. With noise-reducing technology and a one-touch button that enables you to answer and hang up calls, this handset reduces your cell phone radiation exposure while taking you back to the 60s.

Mini-Projector – $128

This mini-projector for iPhone allows you to project images and movies onto a wall. The projector can produce a display of up to 25 inches, and has its own built-in speaker. To use, simply place your iPhone into the case, mount it on the mini-tripod, and press play.

TV Hat – $29.95

If the Hand iPhone Case is the most disturbing item on this list, the TV Hat is the most ridiculous. On first look, the hat appears to be a spoof, however it is a bona fide product that has received nationwide publicity, mostly because of its bizarre appearance. The TV Hat enables you to watch video content on your iPod or iPhone in what the manufacturers promise to be a “personal, discrete, home-theater experience”. Simply insert your device into the front of the hat, lower the flap to block out external light, and enjoy.

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