ChromePW: How to Password Protect Google Chrome

ChromePW: How to Password Protect Google Chrome

Guide to using the ChromePW extension for Google Chrome which protects your privacy by requiring a password login to open the browser.

Nothing can be more tenuous than leaving an open Google Chrome browser, especially if you’re like me and use the amazing auto-sync feature to keeps all of your settings, bookmarks, and options accessible from any location.

If you use the auto-sync feature in public places like work or at a local coffee shop it could mean unwanted access to your browser history, open login sessions, saved password list, and more. Thus the need to protect access to Google Chrome.

ChromePW is a simple-to-use extension  for Google Chrome that does the job without a fuss. It requires a password login that will close the browser unless or until (depending on how many login attempts you choose to allow) it’s entered correctly.

Need to leave your computer for a minute? No problem, just right-click the browser and select the ChromePW icon to lock your browser.

“You probably don’t want that [sic] someone is [sic] using your browser without your permission,” says the ChromePW’s developers. “By using ChromePW an unauthorized user is refused to access to the Internet, saved passwords, browser history, Autofill and other internet data.”

So how does it work? It’s easy.

1. Open Google Chrome.


2. Download and install ChromePW.



3. Allow ChromePW to run in incognito mode (so it can’t be bypassed).


4. Deactivate background apps.


5. Choose settings: password, login attempts, design.

6. Select “Save.”

It’s that easy, and now you can use Google Chrome and auto sync with a little more peace of mind.

Stay tuned.

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Download ChromePW (ChromeWeb Store)