10 Online Tools that Replace Software

10 Online Tools that Replace Software

10 online tools that can help save you money and memory.

As we move further into the digital age, the way we use software is changing. The days of CD-ROMs and manual program installations are gone, and now we download most of our software online. At the same time, the number of online apps and programs that provide alternatives to software has risen. We’ve already produced a list of open source alternatives to conventional programs, and a follow-up, now here is a list of 10 online tools that replace software.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a collection of online programs that allow you to create word processing documents, spreadsheets, databases, forms, presentations and more. All work is saved online within your Google account, and you can organize your files into different folders, and share certain documents with others. You can give other people viewing and editing permissions, and send documents via email.


Evernote is an online note-taking system that allows you to capture ideas, images, audio clips and videos. You can store your notes online in your Evernote account then access them from another computer, or a mobile device using the Evernote app. Creating an Evernote account is free, and you can upgrade to a Premium account for $45 per year. This allows you to edit notes offline, upload 1GB worth of data per month, and collaborate with others on notes.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar allows you to keep an online calendar that you can access from any computer or device with an internet connection. You can add appointments directly from emails, set up recurring commitments, and create different calendars for different areas of your life. You can also share your calendar with other Google users, so this application is useful for families and businesses.


Splashup is an online image-editing application. It provides you with a range of tools used by novices and professionals, including layering, filters, blending, brushes and text editing. You can edit multiple images at once, auto-save your work as you go, then share the finished product via Facebook, Flickr, or Picasa.


Sliderocket helps you create professional-looking presentations online. You can import existing presentations to edit through the website, and access your saved presentations through Sliderocket’s mobile apps. With a comprehensive range of options that give you full control over the appearance of your presentation, you can set up an account for free, or pay $24 per month for advanced features.


Aviary is a photo-editing tool that works online and through the site’s mobile apps. Enhance, adjust, crop, and edit your pictures with the tool’s range of effects and filters. It’s free to create an account with Aviary and the service’s apps are supported on iOS and Android platforms.


Mint is a popular online finance tool that simplifies money management. Using Mint, you can import information from all financial accounts, categorize your transactions and learn more about where your money is coming from and going. As well as a web application, Mint is also available as an app for iPhone and iPad, so you can keep track of your money on the go.


Kongregate is an online gaming community that is home to a collection of free single and multi-player games. You can play all games through your browser, so never have to download anything. As the website is based around its players, you can unlock achievements, earn badges and chat with other members of the website.


Zamzar is an online tool that lets you convert documents and videos from one format into another. Simply upload your file to the website or enter the relevant URL, and Zamzar will send the converted file to your email address. It’s free to upload files up to 100MB, however you can pay a monthly subscription to upload files up to 1GB.


iCloud isn’t technically an alternative to software, but rather is a viable replacement to external hard drive storage. Instead of backing up your data to a physical hard drive, iCloud allows you to store your data in the Cloud instead, enabling you to access it from any online device, and minimizing the chance that anything untoward will happen to your backup. The service is run by Apple, but is also available to PC users.

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