5 Alternative Email Apps for iPhone

5 Alternative Email Apps for iPhone

A list of alternative iPhone email apps that improve your messaging experience.

Every iDevice comes with Apple’s mail.app, a built-in email client you can connect to your email accounts to receive mail through your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Although mail.app is compatible with most email providers and is fairly reliable, the app’s quirks can start to become irks if you frequently use your iPhone to access your mail. Here is a list of five alternative email apps for iPhone that will improve your mobile email experience.

Sparrow – $2.99

Regarded by many as one of the best iOS email clients available, Sparrow is designed to provide an easy to use and efficient email system. With full IMAP support, the app is compatible with a wide range of email accounts, displays conversations in threads, and lets you directly attach photos and images when sending messages. You can deal with several email addresses within one account, enabling you to access both personal and business email while still keeping them separate.

iMailG – FREE

mail.app has a reputation for being particularly unfriendly towards Gmail users, but this app rides to the rescue. iMailG is specifically designed for Gmail and Google apps users, and supports all current Gmail features. In addition, it comes with several extras that improve Gmail’s mobile accessibility, including push notifications that tell you when you have a new message, and password protection. If you use other Google apps, such as Google Reader, Docs or Tasks, you can also get direct access to them from the iMailG app.

ibisMail – $3.99

ibisMail is an alternative to mail.app that also integrates with Dropbox. You can transfer messages and attachments to the storage program, or attach files from your Dropbox account to outgoing emails. ibisMail provides a variety of features, including the ability to create mail filters, create signed certificates, and receive push notifications. You can use the app for multiple mail accounts, and different folders help you keep the different accounts separate.

iPriorityMail – FREE

iPriorityMail is an email and social media tool that notifies you when you receive important emails, or messages through networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and eBay. You can customize the messages that you want to be notified about immediately, and respond to messages directly through the relevant social network without switching between apps.

mBoxMail – $9.99

mBoxMail is a Hotmail client for iOS. It’s the priciest app on this list and more expensive than most iPhone apps. If you use Hotmail regularly for business or personal email, however, the app comes with practically every feature you might need, including push notifications, access to Windows Live contacts and password protection. Unlike some other email clients, it offers support for large attachments, and you can save received pictures directly to your iPhone’s Photos folder. The app also gives you the ability to manage folders, search messages, and sync between your mobile and web accounts. The high price of this app might be too much for some, but if you’re a Hotmail user with $10 to spare, mBoxMail could be worth a try.

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