iPad Maintenance Tips

iPad Maintenance Tips

Keep your device clean and mean with these easy iPad maintenance tips.

If you’ve dropped a few hundred dollars on a new iPad, you’ll want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. iPads don’t need maintenance in the same way a PC does, however you can take steps to prolong its life-span, and make the most of what it has to offer. The tips below also apply to iPhones and iPods, and can help you maintain the battery life and functioning power of your new pride and joy.


Invest in a good quality case to protect your iPad from chips, scratches and other damage.  Apple’s own iPad cases are on the pricey end of the spectrum, however other brands provide cheaper versions that provide just as much protection for your device.


Cleaning your iPad regularly not only improves your user experience, but can also prevent your device overheating or becoming damaged. Oil and dirt on the screen affect the iPad’s display, while debris could potentially scratch the screen and cause irreparable damage.

To give your iPad a thorough cleaning, turn it off, unplug any attachments and remove the case. Clean the device using a soft, lint-free cloth and, if necessary, a special screen cleaner specifically for iDevices. Don’t use household cleaning products, liquids containing solvents, or water. You should also avoid using materials like paper towels, as these are abrasive and could damage the iPad’s casing and screen. Make sure the cleaner doesn’t get inside your iPad, and don’t spray cleaner directly onto the device.

Update software

The iOS updates contain bug fixes, security patches and, occasionally, new features. You can download software updates from iOS 5 onwards over the cloud, or through iTunes. Make sure you download software updates as soon as possible to keep your iPad bug-free and protected from any security flaws.

Remove apps

Spring clean your iPad software every few months or so and remove extra apps you no longer use to free up more memory. Keeping unused apps on your machine won’t harm it, however it limits the amount of music, pictures and videos you can store.

You should also clear apps from the multi-tasking bar on a regular basis to reduce the likelihood of apps not responding or crashing.


Your iPad battery will become less efficient with age and frequent use, however you can help prolong its life as much as possible. Ideally, you should try to give your iPad a full charge cycle every month, which involves charging it to 100%, then letting the battery drain completely. If you leave your iPad unused for longer than six months, discharge the battery completely before storing it, then charge it fully before turning it on again, to minimize the chance of the battery lifespan decreasing.

Prevent overheating

Overheating or freezing can damage your iPad’s battery life, and, in extreme cases, its internal components. According to Apple, the iPad should only be used where temperatures are between 32F and 95F.

To prevent your device overheating, remove it from its case when charging. It’s also important make sure you don’t leave it in hot vehicles, in direct sunlight, or leave it anywhere where it could be exposed to very low temperatures.

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