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Wave Control for Android: Control Music Playback by Waving Your Hand

Wave Control for Android: Control Music Playback by Waving Your Hand

By waving your hand over the phone’s sensor, the app allows you to control your music player without ever having to touch the screen or even activating it at all.

Sometimes trying to control music players on smartphones can be a little annoying. The controls are usually too small, especially for those of us with big hands and fingers, and they require you to waste time activating the screen to access.

Wave Control, a new Android app in the Google play market, gets rid of all this hassle by allowing you to control music playback with the wave of your hand.

Just wave your hand over the phone’s proximity sensor in the following patterns:

  • Holding it there (hover) will Pause/Resume
  • One wave across will go to the Next Song
  • Two waves across will go to the Previous Song
  • Three times (needs to be fast) will Pause or Resume the controls

The app is great for people who listen to music on an Android device in an office or at a coffee shop, for example and want to be able to control their music player quickly without having to completely stop what they’re doing just to skip to the next song. With a quick wave of the hand over their phone they don’t have to skip a beat and can continue working undisturbed.

It’s ad-supported, but there is a pro-version available for $0.99 that is ad-free, offers more commands, and even allows you to assign which gesture does what command.

What do you think? Is Wave Control an app you would use? Let me know in the comments section below.

Stay tuned.

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Download Wave Control (free) | Download Wave Control Pro

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