Top 5 Free iPhone Coupon Apps

Top 5 Free iPhone Coupon Apps

A list of free iPhone coupon apps that will help you make every cent count.

Times are tight and so are our purse-strings. While the iPhone might not be an accessory for the impoverished, it can still help thrifty shoppers reign in their spending and keep their cost of living as low as possible. Whether you’re shopping for TOMS or tomatoes, this list of coupon apps will give you access to the best deals in town. Even better, they all save you money without costing you a penny.

Coupon Sherpa

The Coupon Sherpa app provides two types of coupons: in-store coupons that are available to the general public, and exclusive coupons that you won’t find outside of the app. You can search for coupons by store name or category and online coupons are updated daily. The app’s location function also lets you search for deals near you, so you know where to go to get the lowest prices.

Mobilecoupons saves you the hassle of clipping or printing physical coupons, and instead provides you with digital coupons you can still use in-store. Like Coupon Sherpa, the app can find coupon deals by category, using a keyword, or by distance from your location. Once you’ve selected a deal, the app even gives you driving directions to the store of your choice. You can save your favorite coupons and the selection is updated daily.

AFullCup Grocery Coupon Forum

AFullCup is an existing online community for coupon fiends from around the USA. The app enables AFullCup fans to access the website’s forums and view up-to-date coupon information from savvy consumers throughout the country. Using the app, you can bookmark your favorite threads, submit posts, send private messages, and get access to the latest sales and coupons information while out and about.


Shooger is a coupon app that focuses on your local area. Partially based on merchant-app deals, and partly on user submissions, you can access and redeem coupons through the app, as well as pick up recommendations and discount tips from other users. Shooger’s Groupon-style deals are available for purchase through the app, so you have the chance to read what other users have to say about a particular business or service before purchasing a deal. Thanks to the app’s flexibility, if you’re out shopping and see a deal that isn’t on the app, you can add it yourself for others to use.

The Coupons App

As well compiling available online coupons covering a range of categories, The Coupons App also enables you to compare prices between your local gas stations, and to scan item barcodes and view price comparisons with other stores. The app’s coupon information is updated in real time and in addition to gas, it includes the usual categories, such as groceries, clothing and household items. Share coupons via text, even with others who don’t have The Coupons App. Alternatively, spread the word via Facebook, Twitter or email, save coupons for later use, and run a voice search for coupon keywords when you’re on the go. The Coupons App provides a comprehensive range of money-saving tools that could help even the smartest shopper make further savings.