5 More Top Camera Apps for the iPhone

5 More Top Camera Apps for the iPhone

Five more great camera apps for the iPhone that will turn your pictures into works of art.

The iPhone camera is getting better with every model, and it provides the perfect way for professionals and amateurs alike to make the most of every photo opportunity, wherever they might be. Photo-editing software used to be a desktop-only domain, but the explosion of photo apps in the iTunes Store looks set to change that. If you want to make your iPhone photos stand out from the crowd, give them a little extra oomph with our selection of apps. Whatever your budget or your experience level, the apps below prove that you don’t need an expensive SLR to unleash your photographic genius.

We’ve already covered what we think are the “Top 5 Camera Apps for the iPhone,” but this list covers another handful of camera apps for the iPhone that we think are also great for turning average photos into great photos.

Pano – $1.99

If panoramic shots are your thing, then Pano is your app. It enables you to take panoramic shots without your iPhone, without having to use additional software. Using the app, you can take 360 degree panoramic shots that contain up to 16 merged photos. The built-in camera guide helps you line up each individual picture, before the app merges them for a seamless panoramic view that you can save to your camera roll and share like any other picture.

Color Splash – $0.99

Color Splash helps you create eye-catching photos. The app converts individual pictures to black and white, while keeping certain objects or details in color. Using the app’s multi-touch interface and zoom feature, you can work on pictures in detail, ensuring each pixel is the correct color. Color Splash also provides four different brushes for varied arty effects. Whereas other photo apps might require you to edit and upload in the same session, Color Splash lets you return to editing your photos as many times as you need to create the perfect image.

Artist’s Touch – $1.99
The Artist’s Touch app is great for iPhone users who want to express their artistic side in a contained environment. Using the app, you can select or take a photo, then transform it into a ‘painting’ using Artist’s Touch’s effects. Choose both the medium and the material texture, from charcoal, airbrush and scratchboard, to canvas, brick and mosaic. The app provides the outline of your picture in blue stencil, and you fill in the rest using touch screen strokes. Et voila – a beautiful painting that looks like it could have been done by a pro.

PhotoForge 2 – $2.99

PhotoForge 2 is photo manipulation software especially designed for iOS. With a range of features, including layers, filters, lenses, and photo adjustment tools, this app lets you edit and beautify your photos on the go. Whether you have photos that are underexposed, or you want to create striking images, PhotoForge 2 gives you the tools to do this. The app is suitable for amateur and professional digital photographers, and also provides the ability to share your photos on several websites, including Flickr, Twitter, Dropbox and Facebook.

TiltShift – $1.99

TiltShift messes with your perspective – and reality – by turning your real-life photos into images that look like scenes from a miniature world. Using the app’s focusing tools and visual guides, you can blur certain parts of the photo, or create shaped apertures, to transform your snaps into scenes from a model workshop. In addition to the focus effects, you can use color saturation, contrast and brightness to enhance the unreality of your pictures. Other photo apps can help beautify your photos, but this app provides a whole new perspective.


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