Audacity 2.0: Free, Open Source Music Recording and Editing Software

Audacity 2.0: Free, Open Source Music Recording and Editing Software

Program for Windows, Mac, and Linux leaves beta, adding FLAC support, improved effects and track labeling, and new device toolbar to manage inputs and outputs.

Like most people I’m a big fan fan of free, open source software. Programs like VLC Media Player, the proverbial swiss-army knife of media players.¬†Audacity, one of the best music recording and editing programs around, makes life much easier because they’re free to use, and thanks to an army of dedicated volunteers, almost always have the features and functions you’re looking for in alternative to overpriced competitors.

Well, just month after VLC Media Player released an improved 2.0 version, Audacity has just gone out and done the same with Audacity 2.0. The free, open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds has finally left beta, sporting a number of improvements and new features that are sure to please everyone.

Audacity is great because it can do things like rip your “Wave Out Mix” (sound coming out of your speakers) so you can rip practically any song or sound on the Internet, even “Rip Music from MySpace.” You can also mix and edit your favorite songs using Audacity’s great collections of effects and track manipulation tools.

Some of the improvements in Audacity 2.0 include:

  • Labels now accept lower case “z”.
  • Fixed playback speed and synchronization problems when dragging clips or tracks between tracks having different sample rates.
  • Chirp, Tone and Silence generators now remember their settings.
  • Many effects significantly improved, especially Equalization, Noise Removal and Normalize. Vocal Remover now included plus GVerb on Windows and Mac. VAMP analysis plug-ins now supported.
  • Improved label tracks with Sync-Lock Tracks feature in the Tracks Menu.
  • Multiple clips per track. Tracks and selections can be fully manipulated using the keyboard. Many more keyboard shortcuts.
  • New Device Toolbar to manage inputs and outputs. Timer Record feature. New Mixer Board view with per-track VU meters.
  • Automatic Crash Recovery in the event of abnormal program termination.
  • Fast “On-Demand” import of WAV/AIFF files if read directly from source.
  • FLAC now fully supported. Added support for optional FFmpeg library for import/export of AC3/M4A/WMA and import of audio from video files.

The complete list of changes between Beta version 1.3.14 and Stable version 2.0 can be found here.

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Stay tuned.

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