U2’s New ‘No Line On the the Horizon’ Album Leaks to BitTorrent

Leak was reported to have been downloaded online through Australian Universal’s online store.

Bono and company’s latest album “No Line On the Horizon” has found its way to BitTorrent tracker sites everywhere well ahead of its scheduled March 2nd release date.

The copy is a transcode of fairly decent audio quality, and was apparently “downloaded online through Australian Universal’s online store.” When and how isn’t clear.

So far album reviews are pretty evenly mixed, with some calling it the “biggest deception of the year” and others calling it the “best U2 [album] ever, [it’s an] instant classic.”

I doubt it’s the best album ever. There’s no way it’s better than “War,” but I do hear tracks like “Moment of Surrender” deliver the goods we’ve come to expect from the Irish rockers.

As interesting side note, U2 is booked to appear on “Late Show with David Letterman” for an unprecedented 5 days during the week of the album’s release date, March 2nd.

Rock on!

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