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Facebook for Chrome: Social Networking in Your Browser Toolbar

Facebook for Chrome: Social Networking in Your Browser Toolbar

Extension for Chrome browser lets you monitor your news feed, like and comment on posts, check messages, see upcoming events and birthdays, and update your status without having to visit the full site.

It’s still hard to fathom juts how much Facebook has come to permeate our daily lives, the social networking site integrating with the social fabric of family and friends the world over. For many people browsing Facebook has replaced the time-honored tradition of reading the morning paper, and as such users are always looking for ways to integrate it with other tasks to simplify the ritual.

There’s no easier way to do this then by using a Google Chrome extension called “Facebook for Chrome.” The extension allows users to perform a variety of essential Facebook tasks without having to visit the full site. With two click you can post a status update or see the status updates of your family and friends.


The feature I like most is right-click sharing on Facebook. Right click on any link, picture, or page and select “Share on Facebook” from the menu to do just that.



Other features include:

  • Instant Notifier: You’ll know right away when someone posts on your wall, likes your status, etc.
  • Posting & Sharing: No need to go to just to update your status, post links, etc. Post directly from the extension.
  • Comment & Like: You can comment on statuses and posts right in the extension.
  • Birthday Calendar: Easily see who’s birthday is coming up in the next week
  • Friend filter: Search through your friends with ease

If you’re looking for other ways to simplify access to Facebook I’v ementioned a number of them in the past. There’s the official Facebook for for iPad app; Friendsheet, which turns your Facebook news feed into a Pinterest-like message board; Facebook Messenger, the Windows app that lets you interact with your Facebook friends from your desktop; and Start 

Google+, another Chrome extension which combines your Facebook and Twitter feeds with Google+.

What are some of the ways you try to integrate Facebook with your daily routine?

Stay tuned.

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Download Facebook for Chrome (Chrome Web Store)

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