Top 5 Security Apps for iPhones

Top 5 Security Apps for iPhones

Apps to protect your personal information, your sensitive data, and your peace of mind.

We know we should take steps to protect ourselves online. As an expensive piece of hardware that functions as a mini-computer, an iPhone is a valuable commodity to potential thieves and fraudsters. The first step you should always take to secure your iPhone is to activate the four-digit passcode, so only you can unlock and use your phone. If you want extra protection, however, the security apps below can help keep your phone and data safe.

Splash ID – $9.99

Splash ID’s developers, SplashData, describe this app as “your safe on the iPhone”. It’s a secure system in which you can store all manner of data, passwords and personal details for quick and easy access. The app also contains a random password generator to help you create secure passwords, and can sync with a desktop version of the software. Splash ID isn’t as cheap as you’d normally expect iPhone apps to be, however it does offer a safe way of keeping important information in one place, without worrying about the wrong people getting their hands on the data.

Snap Secure – Free

Snap Secure is a free security app that enables you to keep track of your iPhone, and back-up data wirelessly. Using the app, you can extract information from your iPhone onto a new device without having to use cables or connect your phone to a computer. Once you’ve created a Snap Secure account online, you can also use its tracking feature to find your iPhone, should it ever go missing. With its daily back-up reminders and simple interface, Snap Secure can help give you peace of mind that even if your iPhone is lost, your phone’s data will be safe.

Find My iPhone – Free

Once you’ve installed and activated Find My iPhone, you can track the location of your phone using your Apple account from any other computer or device, including iPads, other iPhones and computers. As well as locating your phone on a map, you can use Find My iPhone to play a sound on your phone, even when it’s on silent, or remotely lock the device. If you think your iPhone is lost rather than stolen, Find My iPhone can display a customized message on its screen, asking its finder to contact you. If you’re not sure your phone is going to fall into the hands of a good samaritan, however, you can also use the app to remotely erase all data on your phone.

Lookout Mobile Security – Free

Lookout Mobile Security is an all-in-one security app that can track lost or misplaced phones, tell you when you are using an unsecured wifi connection, notify you when your iOS is out of date, and back-up your data. It also tells you which of your apps are using the locations services feature on your iPhone, and enables you to control your phone remotely online. Lookout Mobile Security constantly monitors your phone’s security leves, lets you know when it’s time to back up your data, and will tell you whether your iPhone is jailbroken or not.

1Password Pro – $14.99

The 1Password desktop software is a popular password-management application that helps you keep your data secure, and generates random, secure passwords. The 1Password Pro iPhone app takes these principles and applies them to your iPhone. The app stores your usernames and passwords for your favorite websites, so you can access online accounts with just one tap, and never have to remember log-in information again. Synchronize the information in 1Password Pro app with the desktop version so you always have all the information you need. All data within 1Password Pro on your iPhone is encrypted, so even if your phone is accessed by an unauthorized user, you can be safe in the knowledge that your information is safe.

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