'Your back has been broken for 44 years'

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Krell, Aug 20, 2005.

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  1. Krell

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    By Nigel Bunyan
    (Filed: 19/08/2005)

    The memory of landing heavily at the end of a 2,000ft parachute jump has stayed with Tony Bell for more than four decades.

    He clearly recalls scrambling down a tree in Zaire and walking for four days through the jungle, bolstered only by herbs and morphine offered by a tribe.

    But it is only now, 44 years later, that he has learned the true extent of his injury that day: he broke his back.

    The injury was diagnosed after he was taken to Burnley General Hospital, Lancs, when he collapsed at the second tee during a round of golf. "I was staggered when I found out the truth,'' said Mr Bell, a retired photo-journalist.

    "I did have some back pain at the time of the accident, but I took some painkillers and thought no more about it. The doctor said the fracture had heeled itself so I will need no more treatment for it. I'm very lucky to be alive."

    Mr Bell, 66, was hurt while studying African languages as a postgraduate at Manchester University. The then UN general secretary, Dag Hammarskjold, had died in an air crash and Mr Bell was parachuted in by a news agency to photograph the scene.

    "I was blown off course and landed heavily in a tree. I remember feeling very sore. The adrenaline of the situation must have stopped me realising how seriously hurt I was. The parachute straps were tight around my body and kept me upright.''

    He took his pictures then trekked through jungle.

    In 44 years he was twice married, brought up four children, played cricket and football and boxed.

    Fourteen years ago he was shipwrecked on a Fijian island in a life raft. He survived for 11 months on coconuts, fish and eggs before two yachtsmen picked him up.

    He said doctors had been debating whether he should now take things easy. "I have been told to cut out the golf but I don't think I will.''

  2. d3ft0n3s

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    the definition of a hardcore baddass?
  3. Holy shit thats an amazing story ,he must have a horseshoe hidden somewhere .
  4. crackerjacker

    crackerjacker Member

    hmm that is totally awesome
    reminds me of a story
    i fractured my left arm while doing a back flip and went to the hospital
    they said my arm was fine
    so i had gym class and i played volley ball with my fractured arm
    got a call like two days or so later saying my arm was fractured

    the body can sustain itself throughout so much chaos etc
  5. sister_sue48

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    got one

    was in a car wreck went back to work my left are ached but nothing bad, i worked 6 months and my arm started getting limited use so work sent me to their docter who sent me to therapy said i had a bad shoulder, at therapy they tried to get my shoulder to work right and to no avail so finally they xrayed my arm was broken and healed wrong "boing" from the wreck the hospital never xrayed it go figure :icon_flow
  6. Afn

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    I jumped off a platform, and was in pain for the next two or so days. Something in my back cracked, and I was ok. A few years later I learned about the Alexander Technique, and the video on how to perform it can really help you. The basic concept of the technique is when we are adults we forget proper posture, and this causes medical problems because we are not moving, walking and sitting properly.


    If your into meditation and/or deep breathing performing the alexander technique increases the effectiveness of both.
  7. Auggie2k

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    Because of situations like yours and this guys, we have evolved to do so over time.

    This guys life is amazing. He certainly gets around. Definition of living it up!
  8. Excrement_Cranium

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    I read Kurt Angle's (WWE wrestler, olympic gold medalist) biography. He won his olympic gold competing with a broken neck.

    As well, his father a few stories on a construction site, picked himself up, and walked to the hospital. However, he died there... maybe not 44 years, but I doubt I could walk to the hospital. Proabably suck my thumb and cry for my mommy.

    ROMANTICGUY50 Share The Love & A Smile Established Member

    Good Post Krell. Its awesome what peoplw can do..

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