Xolox beta's not working on my pc...

Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by GoldenTequila, May 12, 2002.

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  1. I tried that Xolox beta 1.18 the other day, but it never established any connections, and it even affected my internet explorer; started malfunctioning only when xolox was on. Is it only me that's having this problem? I used to be a xolox lover and was glad they came back, but.... I can't uuuuuuuuuse it...
  2. markyrwol

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    Was it XoloX version: 1.18 Beta 2 build 88, or was it an older Beta? What kind of Internet connection do you have? Did you get a blue screen before the problems started?

    Being in Beta development, Xolox 1.18 still has a few bugs to work out before the public release; you’ll probably be able to use the final.
  3. I really hope so

    The one I used was, I think, Xolox beta 1.18 build 50 or something like that. I didn't see any other symptoms than the influence on the internet explorer and no connections. (Didn't have a blue screen nor anything else). If there's someone out there that has the latest beta, could you please let me try it? I'm desperately want to know if it's gonna work on my pc... I even used a recovery cd to reset my pc once... (you know what a pain in the ass it would be to reset your pc if you've ever done it before...)
  4. Sephiroth

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    do you have windows 9.x? if so then try going into start and select run when its not working. Type in command prompt after that opens then type in:

    netstat -a

    Is there alot of connections with the Time_Wait state?
  5. grrr.....

    Yea, it displayed an endless connection list whatever it meant... Thank you for your assist, Sephiroth... But, I guess I'm gonna just wait for the public version of Xolox... I'm getting tired struggling to work this thing out. I just hope it's coming out soon.... :bk
  6. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Member

    Re: grrr.....

    Yeah its using too many simutaneous connections which win 9.x has a very low number.. The only thing you can do is hope xolox fixes it, use a different program, or reboot your computer when it does happen.
  7. Roamerick

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    If that's really the problem then look around, I know there's a reistry hack about for extending the simultaneous connections of win9x to 500 or so.
  8. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Member

    Thats known to make your system instable and in my opinion win 9.x is pretty unstable allready...

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