Woman to Officer: ‘Those Aren’t My Pants’ (Dacula Patch)

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    When officers arrived at the residence, Lusk answered the door and said her daughter was in Snellville and would return in a few hours. The officer asked Lusk for her identification and while Lusk was retrieving her ID, the officer noticed a woman that matched Gunter’s description lying on the living room couch under a blanket.

    When asked who the woman on the sofa was, Lusk identified the female as her daughter “Bianca.” Lusk reportedly had difficulty remembering “Bianca’s” date of birth, which roused the officer's suspicions. The officer began questioning “Bianca” in an attempt to verify her identity. When he asked “Bianca” for her date of birth, “Bianca” could not remember her birth year.

    One of the officers asked Lusk if “Bianca” was in fact Gunter and Lusk admitted she was. Gunter was placed under arrest for the outstanding warrants and Lusk was arrested for obstruction.

    During a post-arrest search of Lusk’s clothing, the arresting officer found three small plastic baggies in Lusk’s pants pockets. The baggies contained a white crystallized material that field tested positive for methamphetamine. According to the arrest report, Lusk immediately said, “Those aren’t my pants.” However, as the person wearing the pants, she was charged with possession of a controlled substance in addition to the obstruction charge.


    Maybe not the best excuse in the world to use.

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