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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Fudge Tunnel, Mar 23, 2004.

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  1. Fudge Tunnel

    Fudge Tunnel Labotomized Quadraspaz

    Microsoft have just released WMV HD for Windows. Through the advancement of compression techniques it is now possible to store a two hour high definition film onto a standard DVD. The problem they currently face is the encoding time: currently standing at 8 hours to encode 15 minutes of footage (ouch). BTW I'm not some lackie from Microsoft, I just happen to work in the post production industry & saw a couple of samples from their website & was thoroughly impressed with the results compared with a professional HD Cam or HDD5.

    Please note you will need a pretty fast PC to run these clips. I have a 1700+ Athlon XP with 512mb Ram & can just about manage the lower 720p clips.

  2. fireforce555

    fireforce555 We Are Penn State!

    I am a sucker for punishment, I wanna try these clips on my old lady of a machine. 500MHz Celeron 64MB RAM. LOL Damn its a big file though. 7 mins for 126MB on a cable line using DAP.
  3. fireforce555

    fireforce555 We Are Penn State!

    Man, why the fuck do they DRM a PREVIEW!?!? WMP9 wont download the damn DRM upgrade. God forbid anyone spread their commercial around or anything.
  4. Jorge

    Jorge Forum Admin Staff Member Administrator

    Thanks fudge, i am going to check it out.
  5. Dark Messenger

    Dark Messenger Naruto Fan Established Member

    a 130mb download for just 2minutes 30 seconds of video? no thanks...i was gonna ask why you needed such a fast system to view these clips..but it's due to the large either encoded or captured resolution..overkill imo.

    btw jorge i have some nice bangbus clips of you already at a lower resolution..and there is something does the encoding much better than windows media9..but i hesitate to give out the name..as microsoft would scramble to kill it..as its freeware.
  6. broadwayrock

    broadwayrock Shaking It All The Time

    Theres a comparison of the recent 'extreme' edition of terminator 2 at dvdbeaver.com

    The second disc of the dvd contained the film in WMV HD.

    From the looks of it the picture quality of WMV HD seems better than the normal dvd picture.

    Its a pity that you can only watch the film on a pc at the moment.

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