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Discussion in 'Desktop' started by Tic3, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. Tic3

    Tic3 - Staff Member Moderator

    Already I am sick of it. Every web page I've pulled up today (except here) has *something* about Windows 7.

    "I am a PC and Windows 7 was my idea"
    "Windows 7 - Simplify your PC"
    "Check out Windows 7"
    "Windows 7 is here"


    It's an operating system. It's not some life-changing software application or uber-cool game.

    It won't make your songs sound better. It won't make your movies look better. It won't make you type better. It won't make you smarter. It won't make you stronger or better looking.

    It's a freaking operating system, for god's sake.


    /rant off

    RACKnRAIL 今は知っているでしょ Staff Member Moderator

    I remember Vista being just as bad, if not worse. The hype was enough to make anyone sick. However, I do hope Win7 is an improvement from Vista.
  3. Tic3

    Tic3 - Staff Member Moderator

    I haven't actually used Vista, but from many of the stories I've heard, just about anything would be an improvement.
  4. El Comandante

    El Comandante Merde! Established Member

    I ordered a copy of W7 Professional from newegg today. Last night there were idiots lined up around the block from my local Best Buy waiting to buy a copy.:15:
  5. mountain_rage

    mountain_rage Zeropaids nipple Staff Member Moderator

    If you have basic computer knowledge you can turn off the settings that most people complained about. It runs well, and has an improved interface over xp. The only complaint I would have is that it uses a lot more ram, but its dirt cheap now so not a big deal.

    Just for youTic, I bumped my cheap Windows 7 student thread.

    Seems all regions are now available.

    Since I'm here, I have yet to see any advertising for Window 7???
  6. Signa

    Signa COCK ROCKET!!! Established Member

    I'm using it, and I'm not looking back at XP. There are a few too many Vistaisms on it, but I'm willing to deal with them, because the rest does rock. I really feel this is the new XP, and even more, I think it's also the age of the 64-bit processor. Both XP64 and Vista as a whole were terrible. If you don't have a 64-bit processor, I think the time is now to get one.

    But yeah, it's not the best thing since sliced bread, but I don't see how some one should have to go without this if they have a PC that is newer than Vista. XP is awesome, and I will cherish my memories of it, but it's time to move forward, and Win7 is the next step.
  7. Mels_Smileys45

    Mels_Smileys45 JabberZombie Established Member

    I wonder is Pooter still defending Vista and how great it is! lol I never could get him to admit it was a POS but time told the tale on that crap OS! I think MS did it on purpose actually. They released a POS on purpose so that many people would buy it and then have to buy another one to fix their run down PC. The PC market demanded it from MS so it would make people buy new hardware too, They are even trying to do that this go around. I have actually read their reports that say its easier to buy a new PC with Windows 7 instead of trying to put it on an old PC! How STUPID!!! They say that you have to uninstal every program and save all your pics and such and this causes too much work! More STUPID BS!!! A lot of people buy everything that MS and the media says as the truth. Like everyone should know that you have to save personal pics and things you want to keep when changing an OS and as for having to go through and uninstall every program... just shoot anyone who says that shit on TV! If worse comes to worse just zero out the HD and be done with it!

    So Signa, did you get a "free" version? I am looking into a free version so I would like to know. I really want to switch over tonight if possible...let me know please. Thanks for the review too
  8. mountain_rage

    mountain_rage Zeropaids nipple Staff Member Moderator

    Vista really isn't a bad operating system. I'd go so far as to state that you are a tool for repeating a marketing slogan from their competitors. This is coming from someone who tried to install X86 on his system, is a firm supporter of open source, and ran Linux off and on, I'm in no way a Microsoft fan boy. Realistically the only major problem with Vista is the ram usage, other than that it runs great, boots up and shuts down faster than XP and has a nicer GUI.

    There also isn't much of a conspiracy either, Microsoft simply doesn't want to support older machines, its not part of their business model. Only having to worry about new systems is cheaper for their development process. The only old systems they need to ensure are compatible are the business systems, beyond that they support newer machines. You want an OS that will continue to support old machines change to Linux, otherwise stick with the older operating system, don't bother upgrading an old system to a OS not designed for it.

    RACKnRAIL 今は知っているでしょ Staff Member Moderator

    I'd compare Vista to Millennium. You have win98 se, then Millenium, and then along comes win2k, which was superior in every way compared to win 98 and Millenium. So now we have XP, which was pretty good and stable, then Vista comes out in a huge marketing push and a lot of my hardware doesn't even work, like for example, my TV tuner card and my Skype phone, just to name a couple off the top of my head. So now I will give Win7 a try.
  10. mountain_rage

    mountain_rage Zeropaids nipple Staff Member Moderator

    Did you try using Dscaller or K!Tv with your tv tuner card. When xp launched my tuner card wasn't supported so I went on a opensource driver hunt. I ended up finding these two programs. For about 2 years I used K!Tv but eventually moved to Dscaller. Anyway, the software runs my tuner card without needing to install drivers, and they work great. Even if you have drivers, the picture quality of Dscaller is much better than bundled software.
  11. drtoker

    drtoker Zeropaid VIP Established Member

    Vista ran fine at my house, but bring it into a business envrioment, and it doesn't play nice with the network at all. Even after sp1, we still had issues with our vista boxes, ended up replacing 85% of them with XP boxes. We're now looking to jump from XP to windows 7, skipping vista all together.

    Of course, win7 runs fin at home, now we need to see how well it plays on a network in a business envrionment. We just setup a few test machines, so far, only 1 program will not run, and its an oldie (even crashes in the infamous XP mode... wierd...)
  12. Mels_Smileys45

    Mels_Smileys45 JabberZombie Established Member

    You are a tool... boy. Im tired of the shit coming out of your mouth so zip it. IMO youre an idiot. I would explain to you why new stronger PC's are not needed but it would be lost on you and what ever you use your pc for, like finding a cure for cancer. If you want a better computer JUST to run an OS you are a marketing wet dream. My PC is from 2007 ( hardware upgrade in 2009 )and there is nothing that it can not do, even run Vista if I was dumb enough to leave XP for that POS. Wanting Vista because its pretty and uses more RAM is for idiots who only want PC's that have a bigger penis so they can brag about it. My PC will leave most peoples in the dust because I know what hardware to buy and what software runs the best. Everything on my PC starts just as fast as turning on a light in the house so why should I buy a new PC? Go talk to someone who doesnt know how big of a douche you are, maybe they will respect your opinions.
  13. drtoker

    drtoker Zeropaid VIP Established Member

    And you don't have to buy a new PC to run windows 7, which is *yet another* reason that people are excited for windows 7. I am running it on my older laptop, that would NOT run vista in any usable form. Way to laggy, driver support wasn't up to par, etc etc etc.

    Give it a whirl, you may just find something you like better then XP *gasp*
  14. mountain_rage

    mountain_rage Zeropaids nipple Staff Member Moderator

    Ya I'm a tool, your right, god forbid someone who actually has experience with Vista, and every other operating system call you out on your ignorance. Have you even tried Vista before you started spouting off against it? Hell did you even read my post. At no point did I say people should upgrade their computers, I'm a firm believer that most people waste money on power they don't need. What I said is if you want to run your old system, don't try upgrading to the newest operating system if its not designed for your machine. Vista should run fine on just about any computer built in the last 5 years, ignoring the 64bit edition since very few companies updated old hardware with 64 bit drivers, not Microsoft's fault. My current desktop is running on hardware released in 2004, I bought most of the parts in 2006, Video card I bought a couple years ago. It runs Vista perfectly with no driver conflicts, boots up and shuts down faster than when I had a pirated copy of XP, and I'd even argue is more stable than XP was for my system. In fact when installing Vista, it had better out of the box support for my system than XP. My 8 year old webcam is compatible, my 5 year old printer is compatible, and so is my tv tuner card that I've been using since it was in my Pentium 1. Don't give me ideological bullshit about how Vista is crap unless you have actual reasoning to support it. My point is still valid, some people might have some driver issues with Vista, but for the most part it was a good operating system. Would I have recommended that people with XP upgrade to Vista? No, the difference wasn't significant enough. But if you were buying a new machine, there was no reason to avoid a system because it had Vista, in fact I would of recommended getting it with Vista over XP.

    Btw I bought Vista because I was tired of dealing with issues I was having with XP either due to the fact that the pirated copies were messed up, or because XP didn't like some of my hardware. Either way, I wanted to go legit so I bought Vista, and you know what my first reaction was? What the hell is everyone complaining about, its XP with a better GUI and a nicer look. The ram usage is about 300mb more if you are running all the eye candy, and extra services that come with Vista. Turn those off and its maybe about 100mb to 200mb more ram usage. Big deal? Not really, I don't think I've ever maxed out my 2gigs of ram, which is small by today's standards. Complain all you want, it won't change the fact that Vista isn't as bad as you are making it out to be.

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