William Bryan Jennings, Morgan Stanley Banker, Charged With Hate Crime In Cabbie Stab

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    The driver had demanded an “exorbitant” $300, refusing Jennings’ “reasonable’’ offer of $160, Riccio said. But Darien Detective Cmdr. Ronald Bussell said Jennings became enraged and shouted the slurs when the cabby insisted he pay the $203 fare they had agreed on. When Jennings refused, the hack drove to nearby Post Road to find a cop, Bussell said.
    “As he’s driving down there, the victim says, the passenger tries to stab him with a knife. He puts up his hands and gets stabbed in the hand,” said Bussell, adding the driver got six stitches. Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/...bing_n_1316068.html?google_editors_picks=true
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