what's your best irc channels?

Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by iggypop, Jul 23, 2004.

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  1. iggypop

    iggypop Member

    thought i'd start a thread so everyone can give there best irc channels.

    two of my personal favourites are for just about anything popular:-



    p.s. i would also reccomend using www.dccassist.com, this script helps by recording all packs in a nice easy list!
  2. shawners

    shawners Hurt no more my son.

    i like undernet since it has more servers to connect too.. and the file sharers on Dalnet flooded over as well =)
  3. iggypop

    iggypop Member

    i'm trying to start a list of the best channel's on each network
    i.e fast servers with hi quality files

    i find there is a lot of mediocre irc channel's but every now and then i come across some amazing channels.
  4. shawners

    shawners Hurt no more my son.

    well the thing about alot of the servers to connect on, is like a treasure hunt. Theres people in technomp3 channel, that have a wide variety of dance-techno.. Full albums, rare, uk, and everything else under the sun. And to be on a server thats not connected to any other servers (Like dalnet to effnet). Nothing gets bogged down or congested. YOur connecting to a person that has 2-5 slots open for uploading. And if your server, you can get a short amount of queue time. It generally takes alot less time waiting then it does on shareaza.
  5. rebirth

    rebirth Transmission Intermittent



    I'm a regular in all of those rooms for 2 years now.
  6. iggypop

    iggypop Member

    for malcolm in the middle


  7. Vampmon

    Vampmon Member

    #Morpheus & #alternative
  8. FrozenShadow23

    FrozenShadow23 Black Mage Power.

    I used to frequent irc.p2pchat.net, then the channel I was in split apart and I went to a new network, then I realized that neither of the sides that split up were any good anymore so I've pretty much stopped using IRC. If there's a channel that's worthwhile, I might start again though.
  9. MoonMan

    MoonMan Member Established Member


    perhaps #beatbox, if it can ever regain the energy it once had.
  10. MalikCash

    MalikCash CashKola



    Requires a key now
  11. DainBramaged

    DainBramaged I have a twitch

    I actually like XDCC Klipper.
  12. iggypop

    iggypop Member

    excellent replies, i would say for ocs and dynasty alone it would be worth using irc again, better than suprnova in my opinion
  13. loath

    loath Member

  14. g_raas

    g_raas Member

    IRC CRITEN #Dynasty GONE !!!!!!

    Anyone notice that the best DVDR channel ever to exist on IRC (CRITEN) #dynasty is gone ? This makes me :green3
  15. loath

    loath Member

    #Dynasty is still there.

    The Criten DNS is temporarily down and many users can't join the network. Till things are fixed you can use irc.criten.co.uk to connect to the network instead of irc.criten.net.
  16. g_raas

    g_raas Member

    Thanks Loath ! I stand corrected - #Dynasty is still up and functioning on the Criten network.
    Another favorite network of mine is Rizon - there used to be an awesome chan. called #mv-xdcc which had some really fast bots (of course this depends on your location) - I once clocked 500+ kbps on this network - seems that #mv-xdcc got hijacked or something though (probably an .edu) and is no longer functional to my knowledge. Maybe Loath can shed some light on that ? Rizon also has a chan. called #DVD-R which serves .....(come to your own conclusions)....... good stuff.
  17. random

    random ?

    you really can't make a list

    the best way would be to use seach engines and find some chans, stick around and see what stuff they have then add it to your favorites, the best way in my opinion
  18. loath

    loath Member

    Server says the channel mv-xdcc in not registered, but if you try to join the channel it says its full and to try again later. So I dont know.
  19. grab_grab_the_haddock

    grab_grab_the_haddock The Voice Of Reason Established Member

    i enjoy hangin in the channel #white_power

    wingnut keeps tryin to tell me how rockin his new channel #GayPhistinPhun is, but i aint checked it out yet.
  20. WRFan

    WRFan Member

    there is no best irc channel. today it's one, and tomorrow another. depends on what you are searching for.

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