What private trackers are you a member of?

Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by dashy111, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. dashy111

    dashy111 Member

    If it's against the rules to list URL of the site, just list the name or possibly the abbreviation. sorry if a thread has been made about this, but I was just curious what kinda crowd is here, i.e. what kind of access they have to various private trackers. If there is a thread with this, please direct me to it. thanks :):icon_rr:
  2. redMonster

    redMonster Flying Without Wings

    There are so many of them. I can't list all of them here.

    But I will try to make a list and post them here by tomorrow. :p
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  3. tkbrit

    tkbrit Member

    Yea I have also lost count. I go where ever the stuff is located.
  4. HeavyFighter

    HeavyFighter Member

    I have 2 lvl 5 , 2 lvl 4.5 , and 3 lvl 4...
  5. Xtripit

    Xtripit Goa Head

    ZOMG.. I can't believe I get to post right after you did... You're my new idol.. Your giant e-penis must reach the stars... WOOOW

    Now tell me how many of those sites have exactly the same content
  6. alkillyou10

    alkillyou10 Member

    plus many others
  7. redMonster

    redMonster Flying Without Wings

    OK, I made a list of the major ones which I use.

    TL, TD, TB, RevTT, ScT, OiNK, iPlay, CZone, BitMe, BitMeTV, ThePlace, SweBits, FSC, KG, VipMusic, x264, PiSexy, W-B, ST, BCG, Araditracker, PureTNA, Empornium.

    Don't think that I am a collector of trackers. I really use these many trackers. I have not mentioned the trackers here which I don't use.

    Oh, I just got 100 posts. ;)
  8. Xtripit

    Xtripit Goa Head

    For me it's mostly

    OiNK, TL and SCC

    But also Pisexy, SITR, ST, G**m, Pedro's and The mixing bowl. Hopefully in the future RTS but with my speeds it's impossible to seed there with my crappy upload. Maybe it's time for a seedbox

    I have others that I just keep the account alive on hoping that sometimes in the future they will grow and be good, but as of now I don't really need any of them except for the one below, which I can't seem to get my hands on.
  9. Lecia

    Lecia Member

    thanks a lot
  10. sketos

    sketos Member

    i use TL, Bitsoup, filelist and t-d, but trying to find invites for various others
  11. casseross

    casseross Member

    Filelist, Digital Hive, Dwiana, Demonoid, PiSexy here

    I wish i didnt get pruned from MMA-Tracker when i moved house :( I miss my mma
  12. svenstar

    svenstar Member

  13. Hath

    Hath I Have a HUGE Manatee!

    Mine: Torrent Leech, Torrent Damage, File List, File MP3, Torrent Bytes, Oink's Pink Palace, Pi Sexy, Indie Torrents, Digital Hive, Aradit Tracker, I Love Torrents. I also have accsess to a bunch of smaller ones, but there are to many to list.
  14. tkbrit

    tkbrit Member

    Blackcats, filelist, bitnation, bitsoup, sceneaccess and others....mainly use these though, im just looking for OiNK and REVTT or maybe a hd tracker.
  15. mcg73

    mcg73 Member

    Animersion, TL, Bitsoup, Filemp3, FileList, Libble, Oink, Dimeadozen...
  16. funkysaggi2

    funkysaggi2 Member

    bitsoup, demonoid, dctorrent,
  17. angusmcghee1

    angusmcghee1 Member

    oink, pisexy, blackcats-games, bitsoup, and tvtorrents (looking to get into bitmetv sooner or later)
  18. DiZzA

    DiZzA Member

  19. gastur

    gastur Astronaut

    demonoid, blackcats, oink
  20. zeroguy

    zeroguy Member

    at some time or another i had a membership in most trackers around... since 2003 i was a member in tvtorrents and the late torrentbits.org, elite torrents, tv-shunt and bunch of other trackers that got raided by FBI / sued by MPAA... at certain point i signed up for ScT (i think it was in its first week) and then i moved and didn't get an internet connection and well lost the account becoz of inactivity.

    Now i have most of the level 1-5 some level 8-10 but what i really like is Bitsoup, KG, ILT and whenever i need a scene release i use FTN or TL or TD.. eventually i think being in TL (or similar) is enough for scene stuff and if u wanna then go to a dedicated server (oink, b**me, KG, IT etc...)

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