What is waste?

Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by Zoness, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. Zoness

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    I have heard of this P2P network and/or client. What is it? Looks like I'll end up searching google since this forum looks a little empty.
  2. enter8

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  3. moneoa

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    Waste is an older p2p program that allows a group of people you allow to share files in a "net" Only you and these people have access to the files and it allows for private p2p
  4. zema

    zema Member

    Right, so it is abandoned by majority of P2P community
  5. carpefile

    carpefile Chronic Established Member

    I wouldn't say abandoned, it was never a public p2p, so it was never widely used anyway.
    However there are tons of waste networks, small groups of trusted peers, who can share pretty much anything, without worrying about "notices of infringement" or dmca violation notices.

    If you have a group of friends who just want to share between each other in a secure environment, waste is an excellent choice.

    CCSDUDE Proud Girl Lover

    ^ exactly

    it's not really p2p rather a trusted source freenet/frost sorta thing developed by the dude that brought you winamp

    if I recall correctly he coded it after AOL bought up nullsoft and posted it on his personal nullsoft page only to get bitched out by AOL execs couple days after it was released so it hasn't been updated and has long since been taken down
  7. tommygo

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    huh i never heard of it .i guees the more clients the better .but i like my client

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