What do u use to play ur video files

Discussion in 'Desktop' started by wesr, Oct 2, 2002.

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  1. wesr


    ok, i just use WMP 8. what are some other good video players
  2. gumdrop ink

    gumdrop ink Space Time Manipulator

    winamp 3 is very choice, once i started using that i completely deleted WMP. you should check it out
  3. LordLOC

    LordLOC Member

    I use BSplayer. Best player ever, no contest.
  4. cpugeniusmv

    cpugeniusmv Computer Genius Established Member

    i tried winamp3 for video playback, however, it just isn't as strong as WMP....6.4 of course.
  5. wesr


    aight, sweet. if i didnt say before i have XP. also what about zoom player, i have heard people talk about that
    also where can i find BSplayer
  6. if you play divx files, there is no question that you should have the 'divx playa'
  7. Power Penguin

    Power Penguin Member

    Windows Media Player 8.1

    Except I don't think I'll put it on again. The last thing it played was "Me, Myself, and Irene", which is utter shite.
  8. Caitlyn Marble

    Caitlyn Marble In Purgatory

    windows 6.4. this sounds odd, but it really is fast, efficient, smooth. winamp 3 needs a ton of bug fixes before I use it again.
  9. DiddlySquat

    DiddlySquat Advanced Biotch!

    just got it....

    just got WinDVD and love it! I get such a better picture and better fullscreen res. with it.....:cross
  10. «°¤§téålth§t®îk餰»

    «°¤§téålth§t®îk餰» Advanced Zeropaid Fan

    I use:

    I-On Player (most frequent)

    DivX Player (mainly for the codecs) (second choice)

    Winamp 3 (rare)

    WMP 7.1 (rarely extremely rare)

    You can find I-On Video CD player at download.com

    DivX Player at www.divx.com

    Winamp 3 at www.winamp.com

    WMP 7.1 at........ pm me I'll see what I can do

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