what best way to get ratio up?

Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by zonks, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. zonks

    zonks Member

    i like to dl alot old stuff but then my ratio goes to shit cus then no one else dl it . any idies or help plz
  2. w31n3r

    w31n3r Zeropaid Irregular Established Member

    i think this has been discussed at some point, but since you're new, ill try to help. here's what i do to try to keep it under control...

    1. spread your downloads across torrent sites. chances are, you'll find your file (especially the more popular ones) at more than one place. this way your ratio stays manageable at each account.

    2. DO NOT discount public trackers (but then i am biased...). you can find a lot of the more popular torrents there with a good number of seeds, so speeds should be ok. while as a good p2per, you should seed stuff you dl from public trackers, at least you wont get banned if you dont that ratio up in a set number of days.

    3. take a good look at the stuff you've already downloaded. theres a good chance that the site where you need to get your ratio up has the same stuff on offer. just download that torrent, and voila! instant seeding!

    4. make good use of upload bonuses sites offer. it may not seem like much initially, but they do add up.

    5. don't know about other clients, but if you're on utorrent, subscribe to the sites rss feed and set utorrent to download new uploads hot off the oven. this works like a charm with TV episodes, but may not work with all categories.

    6. if the site allows you, upload your own torrents. make sure the size of the file is proportional to your upload speed for obvious reasons.

    some people rent seedboxes, but personally i'm:
    a. too much of a cheapskate to consider it
    b. too lazy (setting it up sounds like a pain in the ass)

    search the forums for more ideas, but this has worked for me till date. good luck
  3. mikaaaz

    mikaaaz ZeroPaid's Evil Spirit

    if u really desperate to raise ur ratio, u can partial seed ie

    -choose a new hot torrent that u expect many people are gonna leech even if dont wanna download it.

    -if u have diskspace download all files and when it reaches 25% choose to "skip all files" or "dont download all files" (good cus wide distribution of files)

    -if u dont have disk space choose 25% of the files from the beginning

    -let it seed.

    works like a charm:icon_thum

  4. aboghosian

    aboghosian koala assassin

    look for releases that will get many leechers and download those.
    porn is always a good pick
    you can always upload something you have have had for a while, that some people missed downloading.
    and you can always donate. depending on the site this can help a lot.
  5. newswalker

    newswalker Member

    - get a better connection (upload speed)

    - seed for a long time

    - use freeleech time or torrents to build up a collection of popular files and seed them 24/7.

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