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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by stuperfied, Apr 1, 2004.

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  1. stuperfied

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    I got myself into a web page design group as a part of the australian work for the dole scheme. They have asked us to find some web pages to use as inspiration so if anyone would like to suggest a site which they think looks good or even their own site it would be appreciated.

    The work for the dole project is to benefit not for profit organisations which means we only design web pages for not for profit organisations.
    An example page designed by the group: www.williamcampbellcollege.org
    An example of the kind of inspiration we are looking for: www.ysas.org.au
  2. hawkburn

    hawkburn Yup...

    This may not be the best, but it IS the best I've seen someone not professionaly trained create something excellent looking:

    http://lhhsweb.org/ (Note I had to refresh it once for the main flash at the top to show)
  3. DainBramaged

    DainBramaged I have a twitch

    www.spoono.com has links to a crapton of sites with really interesting designs.

    Otherwise, you could probably just google for a generic search term like web design and you'd find pages with good designs or web design firms with links to their works, or other such sites as spoono.
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  5. fernandez

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  6. method

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    You might want to check out monster-templates and some other website-template sites for some good professional designs too.
  7. Kevin33134

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  8. nasrules

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    Yep, the Zen Garden is awesome. It also shows what you can do just by changing the CSS of a site and outlines the benefits of table-less design :D

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