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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Shadow Thief of the Sun, Mar 15, 2004.

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  1. Shadow Thief of the Sun

    Shadow Thief of the Sun Where's your savior now ?

    Which one do you think is better ?

    WMD is at http://www.webmusicdb.com/
    and Discogs are at www.discogs.com

    Both are electronic databases where you can add releases by yourself. I haven't heard about WMD until today.
    I find this idea of user-created databases fascinating but i guess that i won't see anything that i've added to discogs.com. So i'll see how another one is working :))
  2. rebirth

    rebirth Transmission Intermittent

    hmmm strange concept...are they just tracklistings? if they are...then that's pointless...oh well
  3. Shadow Thief of the Sun

    Shadow Thief of the Sun Where's your savior now ?

    Well, i know that this concept might seem weird...

    But i do like to check tracklistings from time to time.

    Especially if we're talking about obscure artists or guys like Aube who released an enormous amount of CD's, cassetes etc.

    Lets see special features of both:


    More information about popular electronic music
    You can add info about labels, comments etc.
    You have to wait for some time before your release will be added (about 15 days)


    -Music of all genres
    -Releases added immediately (much better than Discogs, but there can be more errors in database)
    -You can't add comments or add info about labels
  4. serrebi101

    serrebi101 Member

    This is a very interesting service, gonna check it out, it'll help me make a decision on weather to coff buy coff the european only compalation.
  5. wingnut2600

    wingnut2600 Reaping what I sow... Established Member

    Just wondering...

    What about:



    Looking at the two of the choices given, the Discogs looks better... at least it has a considerable amount of music in it...

    I remember that there was a book list that was written about on Slashdot a while back (http://www.iblist.com/) that was open source and not tied to the publishing companies and advertisers and such, but a poster wrote about how we already have amazon.com... I have thought about this for a while and realize that this is somewhat true... the Amazon catalog has a much better book rating and indexing system in place, and it is easy to understand and relies upon users input... on Amazon, the books that are highly rated are due to many people's choices, but the internet book list shows that Sci-Fi and Fantasy are the best (which is shows the subset that this caters to). These upstarts have a tendency to be just a subset and to peter out without funding...

    The freedb is a sweet site, and I like musicbrainz since it is based upon that, and has a swank (and much improved over the origianal version) renamer, but you really only need one site for info... There is the damned internet too, which always gives far more info about the bands and such than any database of info anyways...

    My choice... just use google dammit... Google is good... bow down before the one you serve... you're going to get what you deserve

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