UK bans spam messages

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    The UK has made spam a criminal offence to try to stop the flood of unsolicited messages. Under the new law, spammers could be fined £5,000 in a magistrates court or an unlimited penalty from a jury. But they would not be sent to jail, according to the new measures introduced by Communications Minister Stephen Timms. Spam has become the bane of internet users, with junk messages making up more than half of all e-mails sent.

    Permission to send

    "It's crucial that people feel safe and have confidence in utilising electronic communication technologies," said Mr Timms. "These regulations will help combat the global nuisance of unsolicited e-mails and texts by enshrining in law rights that give consumers more say over who can use their personal details. " The measures take effect on 11 December and will be enforced by the Information Commissioner. Under the new law, companies will have to get permission from an individual before they can send them an e-mail or text message. But the regulations do not cover business e-mail addresses, despite some calls for a blanket ban on spam.

    Jail in Italy

    The British measures are not as drastic as Italian anti-spam laws. Earlier this month Italy imposed tough regulations to fine spammers up to 90,000 euros (£66,000) and impose a maximum prison term of three years. EU legislation banning unwanted e-mail is due to come into force on 31 October, but correspondents say that, given the global nature of the internet, it may have little effect. Most spam comes from the United States and Asia, and will be outside its reach. The EU legislation leaves it to each member state how to enforce the legislation, as long as the enforcement is "effective". The UK legislation also sets guidelines for the use of cookies, electronic tags that help websites keep track of visitors.

    In future, people will be able to insist that sites do not store their personal information.

    Source: BBC News
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    They dont want to do that crap here, as with out it I wouldnt have just added about 2 feet to my manhood, but my increased bust measurement is whole different problem.
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    lol@EU law. You have to love them. They only make directives so that people don't forget about them.

    I never knew we had a communications minister.

    They have less chance of stopping spam than RIAA does of p2p. The answer to spam lies in technology, not the courtroom. These are just token messurements so government looks like it knows what is going on in the world and are trying to do something.
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    Oh that's brilliant nf1n1te :gj

    Guess I can't be hanging out there then can I?

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    I'm afraid not mate! ;)
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    The new name for SPAM

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