U.S. Form its own U.N.

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by arsebiscuits, Apr 1, 2004.

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  1. arsebiscuits

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    WASHINGTON, DC—Frustrated with the United Nations' "consistent, blatant regard for the will of its 188 member nations," the U.S. announced Monday the formation of its own international governing body, the U.S.U.N.

    "The U.N. has repeatedly demonstrated an inability to act decisively in carrying out actions the U.S. government deems necessary," U.S.U.N. Secretary General Colin Powell said. "Every time we tried to get something accomplished, it inevitably got bogged down in procedural policies, bureaucratic formalities, and Security Council votes."

    "I predict the U.S.U.N. will be extremely influential in world politics in the coming decades," Powell continued. "In fact, you can count on

  2. crackerjacker

    crackerjacker Member

    yeah nice aprils fools. hell i got several people already.
    last nite i got some one *cough* 2 days ago someone else
    and today couple of peeps
    nuff said
  3. Miniver

    Miniver Adjudicator Established Member

    lol..........With this administration it wouldn't surprise me in the least.
  4. stewiegriffin

    stewiegriffin You! Ares! Now!

    The onion? The USUN? Hardly even qualifies as april fools, just the usual Onion satire :p
  5. nasrules

    nasrules PeerWebmaster

    Ditto Miniver :p
  6. Jelsoft

    Jelsoft Kero!

    I thought the American government already formed their own U.N..

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