Tory MP stands by claim of 'flagrant bias' against men (BBC)

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Drew Wilson, Jan 24, 2011.

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  1. Drew Wilson

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    A Tory MP has defended comments he made accusing feminists of "obnoxious bigotry" and adding that men were the victims of "flagrant discrimination".

    Dominic Raab said men had a raw deal in the workplace, working longer and being at greater risk at losing their jobs.

    He told the BBC it was sexist to claim men had caused the recession and "equality had to cut both ways".

    Labour said the comments showed the Tories were out of touch and progress in equality was under threat.


    Reading further down the article, he probably went about this the wrong way, but it's not entirely untrue that men have been discriminated against based on gender.

    I mean, the most obvious form of discrimination against men is actually societies views on rape - that only men can rape women and that it's never the other way around. A woman reports rape, it becomes headline news and it's such an awful thing that society would have this type of activity going on. A man gets raped and he reports it, the police just laughs at them.

    Another example that comes to mind: at some universities, there are women's health and help related centers where there are discussions on drug awareness (date rape drug being one such drug) and whatnot. Have you ever seen a men's health and help center? Me neither. Of course, every time I bring it up, everyone looks at me like I'm being ridiculous. Seriously? You mean to tell me that no man would ever have a problem social, health or otherwise?

    I don't deny there is bias against women in society today, but it's a disservice to deny that men have been biased against as well. Of course, like all other big media stories such as this like the custody rights protests, this will all vanish and we'll go back to how women are discriminated against and how men are evil all day long.
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    Wow, that rant sounds exactly like the radio show I used to listen to. I'm still pissed they changed formats to be more "mainstream friendly". I can't stand the show now, even though I still love the people on it.

    NDGAARONDI Newbies can change this!

    British media have a habit of hanging Tories out to dry for comments they should not make. Plenty of vile stuff comes from Labour politicians but they don't get the same coverage.

    NDGAARONDI Newbies can change this!

    Legally a woman cannot rape a man. However, they ought to treat rape the same on the basis of consent and issues of being taken advantage of because that is how statutory rape is defined. They can also get rid of prosecuting consenting children whilst they're at it. We don't need white middle class Oxbridge educated men on how to have personal relationships. However, I am concerned with the lack of coverage of the male victim in sexual violence. Personally I'd promote the old Saxon form of justice myself.

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