Torrentleech or Torrent-Damage?

Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by anonymous666, Apr 28, 2007.

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  1. anonymous666

    anonymous666 Member

    Any opinions?
  2. Xtripit

    Xtripit Goa Head

    Number of Users TorrentLeech
    Number of Torrents TorrentLeech
    Community probably Torrent-Damage
    Porn only at Torrent-Damage

    My preference out of the two would be TorrentLeech, but that depends on what you like
  3. sketos

    sketos Member

    torrentleech is faster with the new releases, but torrent-damage is getting better and better.
  4. prisonbreak2

    prisonbreak2 Member

    torrent leech faster thantorrent damage
    and seeder is very huge in leech
    i think leech is a very good tracker:icon_thum
  5. mcg73

    mcg73 Member

    TL all the way
  6. zeroguy

    zeroguy Member

    both are good i like TD coz they have there own releases and the community there is nicer... but i think TL has faster pre times...
    personally i think the pre's are overrated, eventually i don't care if i will wait 10min or 1 hr or even 1 day coz i will propably won't watch it the same day (i have a life u know). i give more value for special releases community and rare stuff (includeing non-scene and/or non mainstream stuff)
  7. NitroFish

    NitroFish Fetch This

    TL blows away TD easily. Not really ever an fair comparison
  8. sunnykill

    sunnykill Member

    WELL TL IS good because when u have time
    u will get less time downloading it and more time watching or playing it
  9. tbonez

    tbonez Member

    TL all the way. Its pretty much all you need for new stuff. I've found a couple things on TD that werent on TL they have a few older movies, but TL is getting better at that...

    for example hot fuzz r5 just came out today - TL has abut 2000+ seeders while TD is like 600 or something...
  10. smoker123

    smoker123 Member

    tl is much better
  11. billyshared

    billyshared Member

    Torrent Leech is my favorite
  12. Pamela69

    Pamela69 Member

    Torrent Leech by a MILE.......:icon_thum​

  13. frankie97

    frankie97 Member

    i say TD because i'm a member there and can get an account on TL cause they are closed :(

    or am i ignorant?
  14. LoVetoTrade

    LoVetoTrade Member

    yeah :icon_thum
  15. fero

    fero Speed Need Seed

    TL is very good and better than TD

    viva TL :icon_rr:
  16. siopilos

    siopilos Member

    Torrent Leech IS COOL
  17. greenberret

    greenberret Member

    TL is the biggest scene only private tracker i know. that is great because you have no problems in seeding back, and you have quite a big archive. (even old stuff you get with many seeds)
  18. ALeXMaFiA

    ALeXMaFiA Member

    TL is one of the fastest sites i've used :)
    but we can't deny that TD is a cool site also and they've got thier own releases :)
    but i guess TL is much better :p
  19. Bahnzo

    Bahnzo Member

    I love TL, good stuff with fast downloads
  20. djozma

    djozma Member

    TL hands down! Fast leeching and seeding there is a lot easier than many other sites.

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