The Zeropaid Story

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by PuNiShErKiLl666, Mar 26, 2004.

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  1. use five words to add to the story.. something stupid but could be fun

    Once the bouncing frog was....

  2. Greylin

    Greylin Well Ladifrickenda Established Member

    banned from the Zeropaid forums.... :fire
  3. then the frog went to...
  4. ASUmusicMAN

    ASUmusicMAN Musician and Sharer

    the closest friendly liquor store...
  5. Greylin

    Greylin Well Ladifrickenda Established Member

    to procure molotov cocktail ingredients.... :fire
  6. Wolfie

    Wolfie Aku Soku Zan

    but he miscalculated the mixture....
  7. aqlo

    aqlo Cartoon Superhero

    and blew his ass up ... :fire
  8. crackerjacker

    crackerjacker Member

    and in the process something
  9. sexy was happening to Yoda
  10. Crazy Horse

    Crazy Horse ZP Troll SWAT Team Established Member

    It was called self satisfaction....

  11. shawners

    shawners Hurt no more my son.

    as well as gratification on
  12. rebirth

    rebirth Transmission Intermittent

    his part. Back to the frog,
  13. wow thats off 5 words
  14. Jorge

    Jorge Forum Admin Staff Member Administrator

    internet users strike back....
  15. Rickio

    Rickio Member

    the frog said, oops and....
  16. rainbowdemon

    rainbowdemon the zp police Established Member

    began mixing once more
  17. hawkburn

    hawkburn Yup...

    now the ingredients were correct
  18. «°¤§téålth§t®îk餰»

    «°¤§téålth§t®îk餰» Advanced Zeropaid Fan

    but it created a strange
  19. bmc152003

    bmc152003 Comin' At You Woo-style

    explosion that created intense fog
  20. knowitall

    knowitall give me a break


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