The Big Lebowski 9/11 Conspiracy

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Mels_Smileys45, Nov 28, 2008.

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  1. Mels_Smileys45

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    I was watching the Big Lebowski earlier tonight and I noticed something I've never noticed before. As I started this
    post I did a little Google search to see if anyone else noticed this too...I found somene who has.

    From Themuy

    The Dude Prophetizes

    One of my favorite movies of all time is The Big Lebowski. It’s a brilliant comedy that’s endlessly quotable and has some of the most
    memorable characters in recent film history. There is so much going on in this movie, that I could take up your whole browser trying to
    summarize it, so I’m just going to have to assume at this point that you’ve seen it. If you haven’t, go rent it, watch it and come back to
    this web page. It ain’t going nowhere.

    One of the themes of the movie is unchecked aggression. Some direct parallels are made between Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait and
    The Dude’s harassment by Jackie Treehorn (his goons pee on The Dude’s rug). At one point, The Dude’s stoned brain
    rattles off a line from something he had overheard on TV: “this aggression will not stand.” It’s a line from George H.W. Bush’s
    speech about Kuwait that the Dude heard as he bought some half & half from Ralph’s grocery store. The Dude is so broke,
    incidentally, that he actually has to write a check for $0.69.

    Watching The Dude try to piece together all the events of his life is fun to watch. He is such a burnout that his synapses don’t
    always connect and he stumbles as he tries to solve the mysteries of the storyline. It’s not entirely unlike watching George W Bush
    try to make his way through a press conference. Which brings me to Iraq again and our recent history with that country.

    At this point the reasons for America’s war with Iraq are so obscured by excuses and lies and manipulations that I sometimes
    feel like The Dude trying to piece it all together. 42% of Americans believe Iraq was DIRECTLY involved with the attacks
    of 9/11 (Newsweek poll from Sept ‘04, found on this page). Almost half the country believes something that has repeatedly
    been proven to be false. What the hell?

    So, what am I talking about? Oh, yeah, the Big Lebowski, Iraq, Kuwait, The Dude, 9/11, etc. Well, imagine my surprise
    when it was pointed out to me today that there is a prophetic message in the Big Lebowski that ties all of this together
    (kind of like The Dude’s rug).

    Remember earlier when The Dude writes that check for $0.69 at Ralph’s? Well, check out the date on that check:

    Shot I took with VLC

    September 11, 1991. Exactly ten years before the attacks. Coincidence? Yes. Weird? Definitely. I need to go sit down for a while. Mind if I do a J?
  2. Mels_Smileys45

    Mels_Smileys45 JabberZombie Established Member

    Someone also pointed out that the speech being played on the TV in the back ground George W Bush's "This aggression will not stand"
    speech about Iraq invading Kuwait took place on 9/11
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    can you not post screen stretching shots?
  4. Mels_Smileys45

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    Yes I can but I won't. Come on dood, can you complain a little more? This is my thread ya know.
    I wanted to show a very clear shot. Is there some huge hassle? Does it really bother
    you so much to scroll over to look? Don't answer, it rhetorical. If youre trying to get my "douche bag" vote its too late.

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